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Pokemon Story: Part 3 - Right Before The Big Day

by sucuri

sucuri After the heated battle Mike and Jenny spent time together. Rated M.
- Mike would you like to eat dinner with me and my parents? After that we will release our pokemon so they could play with each other. - Jenny was feeling well with Mike's company.
- Surely I will, if it comes to playing with pokemon I'm on! - happily said Mike.
After a while they went to her house, which was located right next to Mike's.
- Good morning Mum!! - said loudly Jenny - Mike will eat dinner with us and will stay after it, for a while.
- Good morning Jenny, Mike. Long time not seeing you, it is good to see that you are well. Your parents called, so I know that tommorow you will set off on your very first journey. Mike maybe you would like to stay overnight here, I assume that you both won't be able to sleep because of all those emotions. - Nanny said. She was wearing white apron which was put over beautiful, blue skirt. Nanny had long, green hairs; much more darker complexion than Jenny. Nanny was preparing a dinner, while Mike and Jenny took off their shoes and went upstairs to her room. There they let loose their pokemon and started to talk over their plans for the journey. Noibat, Goomy, Chimchar and Bulbasaur played together as well as ate nourishments specially made for everyone of them. Jenny's father worked in Poke Mart and he knew very well what each pokemon eats. Mike and Jenny were laughing together and had good time, so they did not expect dinner to be ready so fast. To not waste the time on eating they consumed dinner very quickly after which they backed to their exchange of sentences about their favourite pokemon and what would like to see on their journey. And this is how they spent afternoon when it turned out it is almost bedtime, so Mike not wanting this to end called his parents to let them know that he will stay overnight at Jenny's. Just now making this phone call, Mike became aware of something but he did not understand yet what it exactly was. He only knew that Jenny's company filled him with happiness. He felt strange tingling in his stomach. Around midnight they decided to go to bed, to get some rest before journey. Perhaps it will be long when they will return to Vaniville again.
Their pokemon were long asleep when Jenny went to bathroom to take a shower. Mike waited impatiently when he will be able to take hot, refreshing shower. Having little time by his own, he contemplated what pokemon he will see during his journey also thinking which six he will have with him because he did not want to to leave any of them. He also heard water swashing and he felt this strange tingling in his stomach again. He didn't know why but his thoughts weren't focused now on pokemon. He started to imagined beautiful Jenny, at the beginning in the stylish clothing then in more skimpy like white miniskirt from transparent material and in white overknee socks. Then he seen her in Superwoman's outfit or in outfit of beautiful Cynthia from Sinnoh. He could not say how long he was trapped in those images when Jenny hidden under yellow towel with Pikachu on it, stepped into room. This view after his little journey was something beautiful and on top of that Jenny had blushes on her face. Mike saw also striped overknee socks, in black and white colours put on her legs. He had too shake off this surprising look very quickly, he looked back and little shy went to the bathroom. Jenny with glamorous smile followed him with her sight. She saw small blushes on boy's face. She also, like Mike spotted that spending the whole day together - something sparked between them. When Mike was right in front of Jenny with his sight being down passed near her, but unfortunately at this moment, her towel slipted and fall onto the ground. Mike, not knowing why couldn't stop his eyes and was staring at her beautiful, naked body. She, like, if nothing had happened was staring straight forward right in front of her. Mike managed to quickly pass next to her so that Jenny could prepare for sleep with no disturbance. Whole this situation was for Mike very unusual but he decided to turn the water on and started to shower.
In the bedroom, Jenny right after Mike went to bathroom had prepared bed for sleeping. She also couldn't no longer focus on her lovely pokemon. She only thought about this strange feeling which she had when Mike was staring at her, and when they battled, laughed and talked earlier about their journey. She heard the water flowing under the shower and she felt a chill of cold so she quickly jumped under the duvet forgetting to put something on. She usually slept in ethereal, light and white veil but now she felt better being naked, wearing only those overknee socks on. She brooded for a while when Mike was taking a shower. When she heard that water stopped flowing she decided to surprise Mike again, and pretented to be asleep.
Mike covered his body with a towel, brushed his teeth then when leaving the bathroom he retrieved himself that he hadn't got any clothes for sleeping. This thought made him feel uneasy because he never ever before slept naked and surely not when being a guest. She realized that Jenny's room had only bed in it at which Jenny slept cosily and blissfuly. He didn't have courage to wake her up or to lie down next to her, so he decided to lie down on the floor next to bed. Unfortunately he could not fall asleep because many thoughts and feeling of coldness troubled him. He turned on right side so his back was touching the bed. Trying to calm himself he still had Jenny's beautiful body, and her breasts, in front of his eyes. Just now, he enlightened himslef that he hadn't been interested in girls before. She had closed his eyes when he felt that his penis was going crazy. Then he felt something cold and strange touching his shoulder. At first he thought that it was Jenny's hand inertly hanging from bed but the moves were not inert but rather quite opposite.
- Mike, are you asleep? - asked whispering Jenny.
- No, but I am trying to. I am so sorry but I do not know what is going on with me today. I am also sorry for that situation earlier, I shouldn't have stay over night in here. - little bit resently said Mike.
- Oh! Take it easy, you really haven't notice what is going on? I think, that you too felt it and noticed it. In your company I really feel amazing and for long time I hadn't have such lovely day. Starting from tomorrow we will be travelling together. - said Jenny with much happines but shyly. In that moment Mike felt that he is feeling a chill. He couldn't stop it and gnashed his teeth.
- Hey, Mike?! Come here to me, on bed you will feel warmer. You don't want to travel with cold or temparture, do you?! - little bit frivolous said Jenny. - Do not let me beg you, come on! - Mike could not make her beg him more and with trying not to stare at red haired girl, lied down next to her. He felt her touch right away and her delicate skin. And also he felt a lot warmer now, her skin felt so nice and warm. He felt like her breasts were touching his back. After a while he felt that the girl was slowly moving her fingers on his body. It was very pleasant, her delicate, cold hands were really amazing. Mike never was interested in those things so he didn't exactly knew how to act so he decided to let it go to this feeling. Jenny was touching his neck, moving slowly down to his chest then to stomach and finally moved to his penis. She started to touch it delicatly what made Mike feel like he is in heaven. He couldn't control his hands anymore, so he delicatly moved onto his back and started run his hands on Jenny's body. He also started to delicatly kiss her on lips, but under the drive of excitment of both, it became, after a while a passionate kissing. Mike let himself get lost in the feeling and wasn't thinking how to do it. Just wheh he was moving his fingers on her neck, Jenny reacted pretty intensive and was making quite moans. They did say almost nothing, only sometimes one whispered something to another. For the longest time his hands stopped on her breasts. They were really amazing, similarly in touch and size. From this moment he knew that he wants to protect this girl for any price and he also knew what were those feelings he felt earlier. He just fell in love with Jenny, beautiful, redhaired being. Mike being curious, started to massage her breasts, bite and touch them delicatly. Because he heard pleasant moans in Jenny's voice, he didn't want to stop. He also felt her hand on his penis, which visibly was bigger. After a while of massaging the breasts, his tounge moved to her stomach and navel, finally to end up in her pussy. He started to brush her with a tounge and, everytime Jenny had moaned with pleasure. Now, Jenny moved and made Mike to roll onto his back. She felt so excited that she felt need of playing and cherish with Mike's penis. She sat with her butt over boy's face, and started to delicatly lick and touch him in his sensitive place. Mike, for a while stared at her beautiful butt and her pink, wet pussy, and then started to lick and touch it with his fingers. Both were feeling much pleasure and Jenny from time to time, with very charming and excited voice, was moaning. Mike started to put his fingers faster into her vagina and Jenny less shily put his penis to her mouth. It all ended with theirs orgasms and Jenny wasn't scared of swallowing the white liquid which exploded from the stick. Then they kissed for a while and then fall asleep in theirs arms and warmness of their bodies.
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    This should have a warning:
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    Why the heck is there a lemon in this?!??!?! I'm only 11! And my sister!
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