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Vocaloid House: Part 2.

by AzureEdge

AzureEdge This is a totally diffrent story compared to @L666's and @Tjtbunny's.
Yes, Vocaloid has swarmed the creative corner!!! *Evil laughter*
Before reading this I suggest you read chapter 1. Like, rate, review... etc.
Chapter 2~ The Ordinary Supermarket

Gakupo and Rin went in the Vocaloid van, and zoomed to the Supermarket.

Gakupo looked on as something was thrown to the back of the van. He nearly hit the brakes as he saw the person next to him, just changed. There was a flash of lightning."Wait... Rin?"

Rin looked a bit annoyed after cringing to the lighting ."Yes?"

Gakupo put his foot on the gas."Where's Len?"

Rin looked at him, just like he'd seen a ghost."Eh? He's at the supermarket."

Gakupo hit the brakes when he noticed something in his blind spot."Then why is his body in the van?"

Rin pointed to the back of the van."That? It's my disguise."

Gakupo stopped at the red light that. He didn't want to get a ticket anytime soon."So... Len's been at the supermarket for how long exactly?"

Rin looked at her pocket, and pulled a lollipop out."A couple of hours. He's trying all of the new samples for Orange Ice cream."

Gakupo's eyes lit up when he heard about the free samples."He is?" Another Flash of lightning appeared.

Rin nodded. Gakupo drove in to the supermarket's parking lot, and saw that there was no room available near the store to fit a van. He sighed and looked at the roof. He noticed that there were cars parked on the roof, and circled the store to find the way to the roof.

Rin was getting frustrated, and wanted to get out. ASAP. "Geez, Gakupo can't you park farther away from the supermarket?

Gakupo looked at Rin like she was crazy. "There's lightning and rain outside, and you want to walk in that?"

Rin sighed. He did have a point after all. " Fine."

After a half hour, they found a spot, right next to the supermarket. They walked out of the car, and found a abandoned cart. Well, it had stuff in it, but nobody was near it.

So Gakupo and Rin decided to take it.

They went inside the store looking for the ice cream aisle. They headed all the way to the freezer aisle and looked for ice cream section of the aisle. Gakupo finally found the aisle, but slipped on a orange and fell. The cart bumped into a pile of bread which was apparently part of the aisle.

Rin picked up the orange and forgot about Gakupo."What's an orange doing here?" Rin walked in the path where the orange rolled, and bumped into a stand.

A yellow haired teenage kid spoke. "Rin?"

Rin stared at this yellow haired kid, that looked like an exact opposite of her. She started to hug this person, and miraculously this person hugged back.

Rin yelled."Len!"

Len yelled back."Rin! Thanks so much for covering for me!"

A encasing of a sword hit Len.


"That's enough out of you!" Gakupo brought his sword out ready to fight.

"Y'know were at a public place... right?"

Gakupo got a tap on his shoulder. "What is it?"

"Security." A middle aged, blue police officer with a metal rod right next to Gakupo's face was waiting for him to respond.

"Crap!" Gakupo was escorted outside, with that police guard.

Rin and Len looked behind them but the person bringing the orange ice cream samples, suddenly disappeared.

Where did the store clerk go?
  1. Skyy-chan
    "Where did the store clerk go?"
    Len ate him, that's where.
    Sep 20, 2014
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