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Pokemon Story: Part 15 - Heated Battle to Resolve it all!!

by sucuri

sucuri The continuation of Part 14. Will Ash and Trumi react to great strategy of Mike's team? Will Darkin finally join the fight? This one will be heated part with lots of turning points.
Before reading that part, it will be best if You read 1-14, especially Part 14.
As the battle continued, Trumi's Blitzle looked exahusted. No wonder, it got hit by two powerful attacks. Although, Ash' Froakie looked very calm, and ready to strike back. So, Froakie and Ash quickly came up with strategy. Next time when Charmander used Flamethrower Ash countered it with Water Gun attack. Then, Blitzle was able to Thundershock Dawn's Piplup. Mike had to be thinking quickly to that situation. He wanted to slow down Froakie a bit. So, Goomy quietly sneek out behind frog pokemon. In the heat of battle it did not notice the dragon pokemon. Froakie got hit by Tackle, and gooey membrane was stuck on it. That meant that Froakie was slowed down.
- All right people!! We have very heated battle, know one wants to give up this fight! But, I think that Ash and Trumi may have hard time! Blitzle looks exhausted, and Froakie is slowing down his tempo!! They need Darkin! - the commentator said.
Mike's team decide to finish off those two. They pull out some crazy synergy, and managed to damage them and KO both Froakie and Blitzle. But, before Ash managed to damage Goomy three times, while Trumi almost KOted Piplup, damaging it four times.
So, both Goomy and Piplup looked exhausted, but Mike and Dawn decided not to switch them out. Then, Ash chose Pikachu, while Trumi decided to go with his Eevee. The battle started right away. Pikachu somehow was able to KO Goomy, and damage Charmander three times. At the same time, Eevee KOed Piplup. But, Charmander countered back damaging Pikachu 2 times, while Piplup and Goomy managed to strike once. So, only Alain's Charmander was his first pokemon not being KOed. Mike decided to go with Fletchling this time, while Dawn chose Pachirisu.
This heated battle carried on. Darkin still, angrily watched the struggle of his teammates. Pikachu and Eevee seemed more determined to win this battle. But, they were still 2 against 3. Mike's Fletchling was attacking from the air, while Charmander tried to faint Pikachu, and Pachirisu was concerned about Eevee.
When there was supposed to be final blow to finish both Eevee and Pikachu, the smoke covered the arena. Beneath it came pokemon strangely looking.
- Oh my, oh my!!! Did Darkin finally decided to join in the fight? - commentator stated. The crowd went loud, because this fight gave them so much bumps and emotions. Jenny only kept her fingers crossed even stronger. She tried to be positive, beacuse scorboard of points showed that Mike should make it out to the semifinals. But, she was scared of Darkin's attitude.
When smoke fall off, it was seen that dark pokemon created Reflect to block incoming damages. But, what it also turned out is that this pokemon managed to hit all of the three opposing pokemon.
"So, it came to this! We will fight this pokemon" - Mike thought. " But, I will give my all, my journey to be the best is only starting, even if I loose I will loose with my friends." Mike's face got serious.
Darkrai was out, and Darkin looked serious. In next few minutes, Mike's team tried to damage Darkrai, but he was fast. He countered with Dark Pulse, but it also knock out Pikachu and Eevee. So, Darkrai knocked out Charmander, Fletchling, and Pachirisu. But, also Pikachu and Eevee. But, Fletchling manage in last resort hit every opposing pokemon once with Flamethrower. That meant that only Darkrai and second pokemon of Alain were only fighting. Ash, Dawn, Mike and Trumi were out.
- So, right when Darkin decided to join the fight he eliminated all of the fighter except Alain!! That is exciting! - Commentator with disbielief said that.
Alain decided to go with Gible. The fight was very even, but Alain had only one pokemon while Darkin had two. It was hit after hit, Dark Pulse and Dragon Pulse. But, Darkrai seemed not to be tired. The pokemon exchanged blows like five times, hitting everyone of them. But, when Gible prepared final blow, Darkrai did as well. Both attacks hit, but only Darkrai was standing.
- Ladies and gentelmen the quarterfinals had resolved!! As you can see on screen, there are four who will advance further. Suprisingly and in very show-off manner Darkin is leading! I will just tell you proper order.
First with 18 pts is Darkin, second is, actually are Mike and Alain both with 14 points, then the last to advance is Ash with 13 points. Competition was very close, because Trumi got 12 points, and Dawn got 7 points. So, tomorrow folks we continue with our amazing Beginners Tournament. There won't be any points from that point, only the one who knocks out other trainers all three pokemon advance to the final!! - the commentator explained with so much joy, hype and surprise. It was seen little bit of sweat in his cheek.
Mike was stunned, he could not believe how quickly this fight had ended. But, also he did not expect to make it this far. He had to hurry up to Nurse Joy, to heal his partners. Jenny ran quickly onto stage, kissed Mike in the lips, hugged him. Mike felt like he calmed down and was not scared anymore. He wrapped his hands around her, and they stand in that position for a while.
- Thank You Jenny for cheering me up!! I will never go on this journey without your eyes looking at me with so much determination. I just cannot fail, because you believe in me so much! - Mike said whispering to her ears.
- I will always stand behind You, but watch me I am gonna challenge you someday!! But, lets heal your friends. They did great job.
- Hmm. Yeah, right. But, we still were not able to defeat this Darkrai. How strong is this pokemon, I wonder!!
- Do not worry about this right now, lets just heal your friends and after I will make you massage to relax you a little!
- Thanks Jenny! I am sure that together we will realize our dreams, and become great couple like my parents! - Mike said, with slight blush on his face.

- Let me just tell you tomorrow's pairings! Darkin against Ash, and Mike versus Alain! It will be another day full of events and excitement!! Thank You for your attention today, enjoy this nice and lovely evening!
After that last speech crowd started to leave their seats. Mike and Jenny went together to Trainer's Hotel, and Mike healed his team. After that he let his partners out, Jenny did the same. They all went to Mike's room. They laughed, played. It was getting dark outside. Mike all this time with Jenny did not think about upcoming battle with Alain. But, Mike was sure that he will learn a lot in that fight, and Alain can be his pal later.
So this day was slowly ending. Jenny kept her promise and did massage to Mike. He deserved it. For her he was a winner, he had so much passion and optimism in his actions. He was inspiration for her to try to be even better. She wanted to keep him safe, and to have him as close as possible. She took off his shield, and started to press on his body. Even though he was only sixteen, his body started to be mature and feeling of his skin made her feel comfortable.
Shortly after the massage, they took shower together, and went to sleep, while Mike was holding one of her breast. This always calmed him down. And she liked when he was hugging her like a mascot....
The moon was bright and high on the horizon.

To be continued...
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    That's making me happy. So, expect another part soon :)
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