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Pokemon Story: Part 1 - The Beginning

by sucuri

sucuri The beginning of adventure for Mike and Jenny. Only Arceus god knows what the future holds for those two.
Mike♂ was born in Vaniville Town in Kalos region. His father is one of the gym leaders in this region. His mother, Sandy, was born in Cerulean City in Kanto region. She used to be a pokemon trainer at her teens, and had helped Prof. Oak to examine the habits and behaviours of the pokemon. She had travelled through many regions to finally meet her husband and to settle in Kalos region also ending her career as a pokemon trainer. From time to time, she takes part in Beauty Contests in Hoenn and Sinnoh.
Mike, since the birth was interested in the pokemon. He always knew that he wanted to go into parents steps and be a pokemon master. In Kalos, to be a professional trainer, young entrant had to be sixteen. Mike is rather calm child, but when playing with children from neighbourhood he often got in some kind of trouble. He has dark, semi-long hairs, with only fringe being yellow just like the color of his mother hairs, Sandy. Mike likes to wear New Era Cups with different symbols and pictures, but he likes the most, the black one with Dragon symbol on it. He also wears a dragon tooth necklace which he got as a birthday gift from his mother. Because weather in Vaniville is rather warm almost full year, Mike usually is wearing t-shirts with different effigies of pokemon. Those t-shirts are brought by his father from Lumiose Metropoly everytime he passes through it. Today, Mike is wearing black jeans with chain hangging from his back pocket. On the right hand, he often wears wristband with the symbol from his favourite anime, Fairy Tail. On the left hand, he wears with much proud his favourite watch. But this is not an ordinary watch becasue it is registering the amount of footsteps Mike made since he got it. It also shows date and time from all the regions.
Around eight a.m. the watch rang. Mike with joy and much strength get out of the bed, he was happy because the sun was shining beautifully. He went to the bathroom to brush the teeth. Then he put on his favourite red shirt with face of legendary pokemon, cup with Dragon symbol, black trousers and went down for breakfast. Next to stairs he heard ''Mime, Mister Mime''. Mr. Mime welcomed Mike there, it was a pokemon of his mom. He is helping with house stuffs. Moreover, Mike liked it and often played with it after being done with the homework. Mr. Mime lead Mike to the kitchen where Sandy welcomed Mike. His dad was also at home, surprisinlgy. Mike had seen his father every third month. As a gym leader, he has to spent most of the time there. Despite that the gym was in Vaniville, he often stayed and trained with his team up late in the gym. But today is May 28th, and new pokemon master had been crowned, and because of that all the gym leaders had two days off. Those are the rules here in Kalos. This new master was Prof. Oak's grandson, Gary. He faced his rival, Red in the final battle of the tournament. The final battle was broadcasted live in television which Mike watched very carefully, from time to time mimicing one of the battlers. During those sixteen years Mike had not seen such an amazing battle, because none of the rivals had taken it lightly. Besides this in the Champion's League started around 64 participants, everyone of them earning minimum of eight badges. Drake, Mike's father knew quite well, many of the participants because he had fought them and thus was able to correctly predict final pair.
- Good morning Mikky! - Sandy with very delicate, and little frivolous voice welcomed Mike.
- Good morning mom! Good morning dad! I challenge you for pokemon battle!! - said Mike with lots of excitment and happines that dad was home.
- Very well, son, after you finish your breakfast get ready for some action! - said Drake with seeable smile on his face.
Sandy made scrambled eggs with chantarelle mushrooms and rice balls for breakfast. Mike ate it really fast and then put on his favourite, black cape with dragon armlets and went outside where his dad was already awaiting him.
- Let's fight father!! - Mikky screamed with joy and smile. Drake with big smile on the face rubbed his ravenblack beard and threw PokeBall at Mike's direction. In the air PokeBall has opened, shined with white light and Wynaut jumped from it.
Mike with little red face, remined himself that he has not got any pokemon yet, what made him feel uneasy.
- Wynaut, use Counter attack! - Drake gave the order. Shortly after, the smile disappeared from pokemon's face and it jumped in Mike's direction. Mike without knowing what to do jumped back, falling down on the ground right on his butt. It made him feel a little bit sad because father lampooned him a little bit. Wynaut only waived its tail and missed Mike. Suddenly, from behind the wall jumped some young lady. She had been watching this situation for some time.
She had arm-long, fire-red hairs, on top of that wearing cat ears. Mike, still sitting on the ground, had seen that the girl was his friend from neighbourhood with whom he often played. They pretended to be catching pokemon and fighting with them. He always liked her because she had beautiful green eyes which matched her firing hairs. He remebered her small nose and freckled, little bit blushed face with neverending smile. He also always liked her tanned legs and hands. Today she wasn't different because she also was little tanned and as always kept smiling. Only thing which was different than always was the determination in her eyes. She always dressed beautifuly and with fashion. Today she wore white, sleeveless shirt. Also, she wore black tie, tied sloppily. She was also dressed in herringpink skirt and black-white overknee socks. From the ground, Mike had seen that she wore pink martens.
- I am Jenny! - screamed girl - Leave Mike alone you goon!! - said Jenny with all the seriousness in her voice. She stood between Drake and Mike. She lifted the hand and pointing at Drake said:
- How dare you, to fight with the person who doesn't have his own pokemon, goon! - Drake very surprised with all the situation and ridiculousness, could not help but explode with laugh. Sandy who watched this situation from outside also started to laugh. Mike got out of the ground, stared deep into father's eyes and with big determination said:
- Dad, maybe I had lost today and to hasty challenged you for a battle but I thought that you will only play with me a little like we used to. That you would play and that we could pretend we are fighting real battle, because You are rarely at home. I promise when I set off on my journey that one day I will defeat you in the real battle. - Hearing that Drake got serious for a bit, took deep breath, rubbed his beard and started laughing again. Jenny and Mike looked at each other and from it they both understood that they have a common goal, to become pokemon master. They stared at each other like that for about a minute. So, Sandy moved closer to Drake:
- Drake, I think it is time - she whispered it to the Drake's ear. He took deep breath again, stopped smiling and with full seriousness spoke:
- Mike, Jenny come to me and Sandy. I glimpsed that same light and determination as mine in your eyes, when I dreamt to be pokemon trainer. I finally managed to be the trainer even against my parents will who wanted me to stay at home at become great scientist. - Drake got lost in his thoughts for a bit. Then he said to Mike, while Sandy asked Jenny to come to her:
- Mike, today you are turning sixteen. I had been watching you and had seen how much you earned that will of becoming pokemon master, in your genes. I have three PokeBalls for you. Just pick two of them, then keep one and the other one please give to Jenny. - So did Sandy who offered another three PokeBalls to Jenny:
- Mike, tomorrow we will throw farewell party for both of you. Please travel together with Jenny, take care of each other. Only remember that Jenny hadn't feel real parents love, so you need to care about her like you will care about your pokemon.
Drake and Sandy together, loudly said:
- Mike! Jenny! What is your choice?! - First of Drake's PokeBalls hid Nidoran♂, Poison type. Second one was Chimchar, small, fire monkey. In the third was hidden small Goomy, Dragon Pokemon. It was hard decision for Mike. After short thought and glimpse at his cup, Mike made the decision. He took Chimchar and Goomy. He also knew which one will be gifted to Jenny. Now he only needed to wait for Jenny to make a choice.
Jenny could choose from: fire, bird Torchic; grass Bulbasaur and flying Noibat. It took her faster to decide and she chose to take Bulbasaur and Noibat. When both of them had chosen their pokemon, Drake again had spoken:
- Jenny, Mike, tomorrow you will set off on your long journey with goal to become pokemon master. Many things can happen during this adventure, so you need to take care of each other. I had registered you as pokemon trainers, so today just spend some time with your pokemon and with each other. - When Drake was done with his advice, he hide away with Sandy in the house. They let Mike and Jenny, to be alone, so they can talk this over.

To be continued...
  1. Mike wants to battle!
    Mike wants to battle!
    its a nice story and I like it.
    Aug 29, 2015
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  2. TheChaoticNerd
    Sep 13, 2014
  3. sucuri
    @Lopert2000 do not worry I will read it. Just I need to settle some things in my life and do not got much time to do this unfortunately...
    Sep 13, 2014
  4. TheChaoticNerd
    @sucuri do you want to read my story?
    Sep 13, 2014
  5. sucuri
    Ty @Lopert2000 for your words. Go ahead and try to read next parts. I know it may take time to read it but I would be glad if you will.
    Yaay Fairy Tail rocks - It's just my mostly watched anime :)
    Sep 13, 2014
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  6. TheChaoticNerd
    I like Fairy tail too!
    Good story btw!
    Sep 13, 2014
  7. AzureEdge
    Ah, Thanks! *Wipes Tears of Joy from my face*
    More Drakes!
    I was thinking of Drake from Hoenn. Y'know the dragon dude, that's part of the Elite 4. He looks like the father type to me.
    Sep 5, 2014
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  8. sucuri
    Azure I like your stories very much too. I like how u used the transition between real world and the Hoenn region. This is perhaps not this Drake of which u think, there can be multiple Drakes in this world :)
    Sep 5, 2014
  9. AzureEdge
    Woah woah Drake's the dad? That boggles my mind.
    Love the description of your OC. Probably because I can't describe like anything in my story.
    I love it!
    Sep 5, 2014
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  10. sucuri
    Ty BlueFoxy
    Sep 3, 2014
  11. Thieving Fox
    Thieving Fox
    Good story
    Sep 2, 2014