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Unrelated to pokemon: MK8 Rosalina

by JacyA

JacyA Oh look, something other than pokemon art :D

I main this character in Mario Kart 8 (which I've been playing recently) when my sisters aren't using her (or when I'm not playing as Luigi)

ohorat ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿
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  1. lilonegia
    Aug 27, 2014
  2. lilonegia
    I love the way it looks like it's real! Great job!!!:up:
    Aug 27, 2014
  3. CloudLine64
    I like this!
    Aug 26, 2014
  4. gamer2332
    It's so cool!
    Aug 25, 2014
  5. theclownfish
    it looks extremely amazing and looks like it was pulled right out of the game then modified a bit to have a more painting like look
    Aug 13, 2014
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  6. Teapot
    Gotta admit, the detail in the shading is absolutely amazing. I am very impressed :)
    Aug 13, 2014
  7. Shiny Pyxis
    Shiny Pyxis
    Eeeee the way you colored everything is so beautiful! I really like her hair especially, it looks so silky~
    Aug 13, 2014
  8. The Blue Blur
    The Blue Blur
    I Know Right? Also I Like Your Drawing Style!
    Aug 13, 2014
    JacyA likes this.
  9. JacyA
    @Tjtbunny there are times when I don't use her because she's everywhere online xD..
    In that case I play as myself and its aaaalright B)
    Aug 13, 2014
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  10. The Blue Blur
    The Blue Blur
    I Also Usally Use Her! Or I Use One Of The Koopalings Or Yoshi
    Aug 13, 2014
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