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Missingno's Revenge

by KingGreninja

KingGreninja This is part 2 of Missingno's revenge. Where we left off: a Misssingno appears in my Pc and is holding a mega stone. A Missingno appears and I discover a strange secret.
I saw the Missingno and wondered what the heck it was doing there. It was around 9:00 pm, so I decided to go to sleep because I had school tomorrow. In between my 2nd period switching between 3rd period, I asked my friend if he knew about the mysterious Missingno, he said no. After school, I checked my X and what I saw is terrifying, the Pokemon Center was glitched and covered in red glitched pixels. I escaped with a sense something was hidden along Kalos. I checked my team and they were all right. I guessed they survived whatever happened while I was gone. I was going to Kiloude City to check my friend safari. It seemed normal, but I knew there was something wrong within this city. I went into the safari and found a wild pokemon. The wild pokemon was Missingno, but this one looked like it mega evolved. I sent my shiny Greninja, the battle played like a normal battle. I later tried going to the Lumoise Boutique, but a giant Missingno blocked the entrance. A cutscene started: it showed the Missingno talking to me, it said," Why have you discovered me, it was suppose to be a secret. I answered," I didn't mean for this, I never did. But one question appeared on mind, it was "what happened at the Pokemon Center", I idiotically asked the game, and it actually answered, it said,"It was a warning for you to leave and to never come back. This is the end of part 2. This is now a 4 parter now, sorry for the surprise. Next time me v.s Giant Missingno. Who will win?
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  1. Adri~
    I doubt any of this happened...
    You said based off a true story, so I'm guessing this was based off something less dramatic?
    May 30, 2014