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Mega Charizard X

by HuskyDragonWolvez

6 3 Mega Charizard X.png
HuskyDragonWolvez I looove this one :D

I have one in Pokemon X, so I love it even more now TwT

Soooo...let me get something straight, I will NOT be doing the other Kanto starters megas just because...I don't know, I'm lazy xD But a Mega Charizard Y will be coming out.

For a wallpaper.
Program used: Sketchbook Pro
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  1. HuskyDragonWolvez
    @SkyHighFlygon Thank you! I'm sure your not that bad, keep practicing if your not happy with your art, you'll find it eventually :3...plus I haven't tried, but I don't think I would be too good at drawing Mega Lucario or Mega Gengar...:'| I have drawn Mega Absol before tho, not bad at that one :3.

    @baratron I prefer to write it myself, makes it more customized...-y feeling, plus it feels quicker to write them (wow, I'm pathetic, aren't I?). Thank you for the complement tho :3
    Remember, I just draw these because I will put them together later, via crop tool and Copy&Paste, I label them for easy reference on my part. They were drawn before I started on PokeCharms too...so yeah.
    Ah god, I am arguing with people just trying to help again...sorry about that, I am an Aspy and have..."Complex feelings"...that sounded rlly stupid. ._.;...

    Again, thank you for the like and complements, very much appreciated :)
    Feb 10, 2014
  2. baratron
    Same comment as before, really - the picture is really very good, especially the fire effects, but it's just ruined by the wobbly handwriting at the top. If you must label your pictures on the picture itself (even though they get a title when you submit them to the Creative Corner), use the Type tool of your program?

    I'd like to see the two MegaCharizards together. They look like they're facing each other, the way they've been drawn.
    Jan 26, 2014
  3. SkyHighFlygon
    I can't even draw a mega pokemon!!!!!!! The only ones I can draw are mega absol.mega gengar, and mega lucario.Nothing else.Still real good.
    Jan 25, 2014
  4. HuskyDragonWolvez
    @Vaporeonn Thanks again! :3
    Yus, I was messing around with the blur tool again xD
    Jan 24, 2014
  5. Vaporeonn
    This one is so awesome! I see you messed with the blur tool again. ;)
    Jan 24, 2014