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Kid Icarus: Downfall

by Dinova

Dinova Anyone who plays Kid Icarus: Uprising has probably noticed that Palutena is a bit of a jerk to Pit. What if Palutena went a little too far in how she treated Pit and the Underworld was kinder to him?

That's the basic idea of this AU, where Pit is against Palutena rather than with her. Full disclosure, most of the credit, most if not all, of the credit for this idea is Blazi's.
No matter what anyone tells you, take my words to heart. Blind faith, believing in a “friend”, is an easy way to get stabbed in the back. Take it from someone with first-hand experience. I used to be a blind little sheep following someone around, it got me nothing but suffering.

I was an angel in Skyworld, just a runt in Palutena’s army when she was turned to stone and captured by Medusa. She turned all of the other centurions to stone and I ended up in the Underworld, on my own. Even against those odds, I had to help Palutena, it was my “duty”. I fought all the way up to Skyworld from the Underworld, through hordes of monsters, never giving up. I eventually got to Medusa, beat her, and freed Palutena from her curse. I didn’t destroy the curse though. Before I knew what was happening, the curse jumped to me, turning me to stone instead. I was just a stone statue, but I could still see and hear.

As Palutena stood up and walked towards me, I was hopeful that she’d help me. Why wouldn’t she? ‘Lady Palutena is so kind. After all I did she’ll have to help me!’ I thought. I was really deluded… She just gave me a passing look, like I was a pair of worn out shoes, like I just wasn’t useful anymore.

A Centurion fluttered by and asked if she was ok and what they should do with Medusa’s remains and me. My heart fluttered for a second, but crashed to earth as I heard her say, “Pit’s sacrifice will always be remembered, but I can do nothing for him. Send him to the Underworld with Medusa’s remains. He will stand as a reminder to the Underworld denizens of Skyworld’s strength.”

I couldn’t believe it, I couldn’t have heard that right. She was just… leaving me? Even as the Centurions ferried me into the Underworld, I couldn’t, I wouldn’t believe it. As I sat there in the Underworld, I still refused to believe it. I held up ok for the first ten years or so, telling myself Palutena would rescue me tomorrow or the next day. Eventually though, I had to accept the fact that Palutena had never cared, had never been someone worth being loyal to. I began to curse myself for going through all that I had in order to save her. In the end, she abandoned me the second the going got rough.

Somewhere around the fifteenth year, this voice interrupted my thoughts. The voice was deep and powerful, it had this flippant quality to it to. Like it didn’t need to give a care. “Now I have no idea why Pretty Palutena didn’t keep you. You would at least have made excellent statuary!”

Usually, I could take a joke or two at my expense. I’m an angel who can’t fly, you get used to it. But I was on an understandably short fuse at the moment. In my head, I yelled at the voice to shut up, knowing I couldn’t actually talk. Surprisingly it answered back, “Now now, no need for that, Pitty Pat! I came to offer an olive branch after all!”

An olive branch?” I asked, a little miffed by the nickname but still intrigued.

Yes!” The voice replied happily before continuing, “I think you’ve gotten the short end of the stick lately. Palutena’s been running the show a bit too long in my opinion as well. I’ve been planning to get the Underworld up and running again and I think you might make a fairly usable pawn. Maybe one of the right ones, much better than the left ones, they always die first.”

I was pretty quick to refuse the voice, I was in this situation because of the Underworld in the first place.

The second I said no, the voice chuckled, “Oh of course, I understand. Palutena has done so much for you. I can understand why you’d be so reluctant to help an enemy of hers.”

That gave me the clarity I had been missing those first ten years. It made me realize, it wasn’t the Underworld’s fault I was in this mess. They hadn’t left me to rot for fifteen years, they hadn’t betrayed me after I’d gone through hell itself to help them, they weren’t Palutena. I didn’t hesitate when I told the voice I’d help, I even had a bit more fire, resolve I hadn’t had for a while.

The voice seemed pleased as it said, “Excellent! I can’t help you right now of course. It will take a few years to rebuild my army. You were quite the hell raiser on your trip to Skyworld.” For a minute, I panicked thinking the voice was just going to leave me, but it quickly added, “Oh calm down, Pitty Pat! I’m not Palutena, I’ll let you sleep until I come get you, better than waiting a decade, right?”

I felt my consciousness begin to slip. I hadn't felt something like sleep in years. Before I was completely out, I managed to ask, “Who…are you?”

Oh how rude of me, I skipped the introductions! I am Hades, Lord of the Underworld. Hope to see you soon.” Hades replied as I dropped into darkness.


The next ten years were peaceful, it passed like a second thanks to Hades’ sleep. Eventually, someone came for me. I just woke up and I wasn’t stone anymore. I was still too weak to really stand, so I just got a look at my surroundings. Standing in front of me was a woman with snakes for hair, Medusa. At first I was startled at her appearance, especially considering that I’d blown her up. However, she told me that she wasn’t here to take revenge for that. She was serving Hades, and she had been sent to collect me now that the Underworld army was ready to oppose Palutena again. She and I would be working together to lead troops against the Goddess of Light. She would also be guiding me since it had been twenty-five years since I had been up and about. As odd as it was working with a former enemy, I couldn’t be more pleased to put Palutena back in her place. She looked at me coldly and said, “I hope you can keep pace, we’ve had to wait long enough to get underway.”

I looked at Medusa, a determined fire in my eyes, and said, “Sorry to keep you waiting.”
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  1. Atlas Uxie
    Atlas Uxie
    This KI:U story was wonderful! Only one problem. In paragraph 4, Pit is spelled P-I-T-T, and it is spelled P-I-T. Just a small mistake, but great story! :p I agree, Palutena is a bit of a jerk to Pit at the right and wrong times. :D
    Nov 28, 2013