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Ken Masters vs Proto Man

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox
Looking for the person who killed Ryu, the Blue Bomber, his best friend Ken Masters was angered with his friend’s death. Then, the best thing happened to him. He saw Mega Man! Ken leaped at him, but the Capcom mascot dodged. “I’ve found you Mega Man!” Ken screamed. “I’m not Mega Man!” Proto Man, the Blue Bomber’s brother told. “Yeah right! HADOKEN!” Ken shouted, firing his signature move. Proto Man dodged and shot a blast from his buster. Ken dodged, but was knocked down by the Proto Shield. Proto Man used the Proto Upper, sending Ken up high. Proto Man then jumped up and used the Hard Knuckle, sending Ken flying to the ground. Ken, struggling to get up, was hit by multiple Flame Blasts, then nailed by Shadow Claw. Proto Man began firing Magnet Missiles, then charged up his buster and fired. Ken Master flew up in the air, damaged heavily by the combo. Ken Masters landed on his feet, breathing heavily. Ken then shot a few Hadoken, which Proto countered with his Proto Blasts, but one Hadoken got past him and sent him flying. Proto Man was then kicked in the stomach, smashed in the head, then had his arm grabbed and flipped. Proto Man saw Ken ready to punch him, so he countered with the Hard Knuckle. Proto Man then used his Proto Shield, which Ken blocked and used the Shoryuken. Proto Man used the Proto Slide, kicking Ken in the face. Ken grabbed Proto Man’s foot, swung him around and tossed him into a tree. Proto Man got out and used his strongest Copy Ability. Astro Crush. As Ken ran at Proto Man, he heard something. He looked up in the air to see multiple pink meteors coming down on him. Ken panicked for a bit, but then realised something. He saw Proto Man with his hands out. Was he controlling this? Ken Masters knew he had to use his strongest move. “FLAMING HADOKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Ken screamed, firing an orange, giant blast of his fiery spirit. The attack countered his rival’s move, and a giant explosion sent the scarlet dressed fighters flying into trees. Both got up, then ran at each other. Ken Masters ignited his fist with flames as Proto Man prepared the Hard Knuckle. Both swung their fists at each other, Ken’s in the chest, Proto’s in the face. As the fiery fist began to burn through Proto Man’s suit and the Hard Knuckle nearly cracked Ken’s cheek bones, the Red Bomber screamed in pain. Ken released his fist as he saw a beeping noise in Proto Man’s body. His Nuclear Core. Ken tried running away, but Proto Man grabbed his arm, ready to take him down with him. Ken screamed as the Nuclear Core exploded, like a huge bomb in his face. After the explosion clears, one man dressed in red walks out of it, tired but still alive. He then looks at an object, and stomps on it, crushing the helmet to pieces. He then walks away, waiting for his next challenge.
This fight’s winner is: