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Jessie's travels: Jessie's travels

by Chris the trainer150

Chris the trainer150 Jessie loche(pronounced as lock)moves to Oreburgh city Sinnoh from Blackthorn city Johto, lets watch all the mayhem and destuction he can cause. Sorry I suck at summeries
Here I am one attack away from becoming the champion of Sinnoh! how did I get here?lets take a look and see. "Mom, Dad why are we moving?! I love it here, plus Clair and Prof.Elm both promised to give me a pokemon when i became a Trainer. "Jessie We know you love it here, and you'll miss out on the journey that you planned through Kanto and Johto" said the forteen year old boys Mother. "But at least you'll get to celebrate your fifteenth birthday in a month, and a new region