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Isolation (chapter 2)

by CookieKitty

CookieKitty Now cookie is lost with out her parents. She has no one to hang on to anymore...
Quick Reminder: Cookie woke up and didn't see her parents..... She met a shiny charmander too.
Candice (Candi) the shiny flareon
Sash the Leafeon
Jade the Shiny Espeon
Mya the Sylveon
(Cookie POV)
"Mama? MAMA?!!!" I screamed loudly as pidgeys flew out the trees. A tear dropped down from my face. "WHERE YOU GO, MAMA?!??" I stood up straght and ran out the cave and deeper into the forest. I ignored the other mons asking questions and trying to help. I didn't look where i was going. I didn't care. Tears constantly came dripping from my face. For a second, I thought I saw Blaze. [Who am i joking? of course bwaze no here...]
I stopped running as I went into the deepest part of the forest. I looked up and there was a Leafeon wrapping some cloth around me "Its ok. Little one... Hush now, Cookie..." [How did he know my name? Well I certainly didn't know him...] I fell into a deep sleep, and felt that I was getting carried somewhere.
(At the 4 guardians home)
I awoke quickly and looked around. I saw the leafeon from before, a sylveon, a shiny espeon and a shiny flareon. Mama had told me a story about a leafon, sylveon, S.espeon and S. Flareon. She told me that they were the four guardians of the eeveelution quarter. Another tear dropped from my face as I remembered Mama. The leafeon looked at me. "There there, Cookie its Okay. You're with us now."
"HOW YOU NOW MY NAME?!" I blurted in shock.
"She can't control it yet, Sash. Leave her be for a while," I heard the S. Flareon say. Then the leafeon sprinkled a little sleeping powder that he 'borrowed' from a Paras. I fell into a sleep again
(Sash (The leafeons) POV)
"Jade, Candi, what shall we do with Cookie?" I asked.

Candice replied "Sash, we should help her find her parents. The whole of the Alminanio want battles with Harvey.
And Amy trusts us. We shouldn't let our guard down. We know she's the 5th guardian." I looked nervously on the 5th guardian, who was Cookie. Candi (Candice) the Flareon played her ocarina to help Cookie sleep better. Jade the S. Espeon looked out the window. She picked up the wrapped Eevee and brought her upstairs.
"Ja-" Mya called to her sister but she ignored her.
(Jade's POV)
I ignored my non-shiny sister and went to her own room. I locked my door and laid my sister, Cookie in her bed. [I will protect her, dad. I promise.] I tucked her up in my bed and switched on my poke-pad.I looked at the full moon shine on me. I searched about a Glaceon named 'Sno'. "Sis, help me find dad. For me and Cookie." I whispered then walked away to my bed, turned the pokepad off, and went to sleep with Cookie.
(Cookie's POV)
I awoke feeling a strong aura next to the Espeon. I was still confused but didn't mind the espeon for once. The Espeon opened one eye. "Hi there, little one. good morning. Im Jade by the way." She said.
"Hewo.... Jade? I Cookie." I said, quietly. Jade put her paw on my tail. "Turn around," She whispered. I listened and turned around. I saw half my tail in silver. "How'd you get that?" she asked, gently
"I-I was born with it..." I stuttered. [She saw that?]
[Its okay little sis. I can read your thoughts though.]
[You- you c-c-c-an?!]
[Yes. we have to get out of here. No questions k?]
I didn't reply. I just followed her.


Boom! (oh italics still on?) Better. That took long. well I hope You enjoyed!
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