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Happy bday Magpie :D

by bioaura

bioaura Happy Shared birthday @Magpie ! I decided to make this since I know you love these XD and this was the way we became friends so :p sorry if its too late on your timezone I was finishing some details on it D:

Nickname: Spike
Owner: Magpie :p

Oh and btw for the ones who read my post weeks ago sorry about my art being postponed the drawing I was finishing was ruined :( plz don't ask how....
And I made this hand drawn then I put in the printer and complete edited it (why there can be a white palette destroyer thingy D: ) This took so long that I think I will stop drawing for a long while XD
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  1. Magpie
    Eeeeeeeee *Dies*

    Oh my goodness. This is amazing! Thank you so so much :') I shall treasure Spike forever, I love it :') ♥ What a nice birthday present ♥
    Oct 2, 2014
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  2. bioaura
    Im a noob at this so so sorry about the bad details D:
    Oct 2, 2014