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Francis the Snivy's Adventure (Sample- Chapter 63)

by FrancisTheUnconsciousHero

FrancisTheUnconsciousHero The sequel to "Francis and Snivy's Adventure" Francis the Snivy leads a team a kindness, but Kuja leads a team of darkness. Kuja is planning to eliminate kindness by killing Francis. Follow Francis's adventure as he and his friends tell the message of kindness, and how evil ruins all. Characters from many video game series including Tales of Graces, Yugioh, and more OC's accepted (Characters from your creation).
The following is a sample from my fan fiction titled 'Francis The Snivy's Adventure'. This is my own work as well. I dont own anything, and if you would like the full story, visit the link on my profile page.


"FRANCIS NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Jennifer yelled as she ran toward Asbel's location

Asbel quickly shuts the door as soon as Jennifer gets inside. He noticed that Jennifer is breathing harder than normal as she puts the unconscious hero on the bed.

"Let me guess. Tazz is cheating" Asbel said as Jennifer nodded

"Francis is unconscious, but he saved me by using a spell called Protective Light" Jennifer said as she gets ready to get back into battle

Asbel knows that Jennifer is determined to take Tazz out. While Jennifer was stroking Francis's green fur, she kisses him. Luna who also went to the house does not mind the kiss.

"Francis, than you my period 6 friend" Jennifer said as she got outside to continue the battle.

Opal helps Jennifer get back to the battle field to continue. Opal calls a foul on Tazz for Dangerous Contact.

"Personal foul on Tazz for Dangerous Contact. That will be a 1 turn penalty. Since Francis fell unconscious and was from the bench, he will be credited with a save" Opal said as she got back to her referee spot.


Jennifer Talavera is ready to continue the battle against Tazz, who made Francis the Snivy fall unconscious moments ago. Tazz will serve a one turn penalty for dangerous contact while taking Francis out.


Tazz: 32,000 LP

Last Play: Sucked 2,000 LP from Jennifer)

Current Play: Penalty for Dangerous Contact

Jennifer: 2,000 LP

Last Play: None

Current Play: 2 Possessions


Francis the Snivy

Last Play: Save (Saves Jennifer from falling unconscious)

POSSESSION: Jennifer Talavera

Jennifer uses Friaga

Jennifer raises her Red mage staff, and chants a spell to summon a firestorm at Tazz. Tazz takes 4,000 life point damage.

Tazz: 28,000 LP

Jennifer: 2,000 LP (4,000 to 0 scoring run)

POSSESSION: Jennifer (Due to Penalty on Tazz)

Jennifer gets ready for her next possession. As she got ready, Tazz is getting ready to cheat to try to kill Jennifer. Tazz secretly gets ready to press his magical button.

While Jennifer was getting ready to cast Firaga, Tazz presses his button to try to end Jennifer. The team sees a blue life draining stream heading toward Jennifer. Jennifer sees the stream and tries to move out of the way to avoid getting hit, but the stream is so fast that it almost hits Jennifer, but somehow a blue blue regains consciousness and stands in front of Jennifer to take the attack. Jennifer notices that the blue blur is none other that the unconscious hero, and her period 6 friend, Francis the Snivy. Francis falls unconscious on contact. Francis draws save number 2 of this battle. Jennifer yells the words that she hates to say.

"FRANCIS NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Jennifer yelled as she glared 'daggers' at Tazz

Tomorrow: Jennifer VS Tazz Day 5

Tazz sure likes to cheat, but tomorrow, Opal comes up with a penalty that changes this game. What is it? FInd out tomorrow.