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Pokemon HeartGold & SoulSilver: Episode 6: An Uprising Turn of Events!

by ProtoMegaMan

ProtoMegaMan Clyde's Team
Feraligatr Male Lvl. 49 (Hydro Pump, Surf, Thunder Fang, Ice Punch)
Weavile Female Lvl. 45 (Fake Out, Night Slash, Icicle Crash, Sucker Punch)
Flareon Male Lvl. 43 (Fire Blast, Superpower, Flamethrower, Hone Claws)
Togekiss Female Lvl. 46 (Dazzling Gleam, Aura Sphere, Air Slash, Protect)
Garchomp Male Lvl. 47 (Dragon Claw, Earthquake, Rock Slide, Fire Blast)

After Clyde wiped the floor with Team Rocket and defeating Giovanni, Clyde went through a cave and to the next route.
After Clyde defeated Team Rocket, got a Venusaurite, and an HM called Surf and taught it to Feraligatr, got an Eevee, got Flareon, got Togekiss, got Garchomp, Clyde rann like Kid Flash through a Cave and is on Route 8.
Clyde: .........
Feraligatr: Ferrrr..
Clyde: I'M BORED.

A girl with a Azumarill walks up to Clyde, assuming that they were gonna battle
Girl: Hello. My name is Lyra. This is Azumarill. We live near each other. In New Bark Town.
Clyde: I never saw you in my life.
Lyra: Really?
Clyde: Yeah, really. I never saw you in my 12 years of life.
Lyra: Well, Can we battle?
Clyde: Sure.
Lyra: Go, Azumarill!
Azumarill: Azu!
Clyde: Garchomp, Go!
Lyra: Use Belly Drum.
Clyde: Garchomp, Earthquake!
Lyra: (Azumarill is almost done!)
Lyra: Azumarill, Aqua Jet!
Clyde: Garchomp, Dodge it and use Fire Blast!
The opposing Azumarill fainted.
Lyra: Awww...
Lyra used a Full Restore on Azumarill
Clyde: Garchomp is a beast, return.
Suddenly, Clyde's iPhone 5c rang
Clyde: Hello?
Professor Oak: Hello? Clyde. You might wanna look up (Hangs Up)
A Pidgeot comes from the sky and both of them get on
In Pallet Town, Kanto
Clyde: Hello. Here Oaky Oaky Oaky.
Professor Oak: Hello, Clyde and Lyra, Just the 2 I wanted to see. See, I want to give you a Kanto Pokemon. Choose Wisely.
Clyde: I'll pick Bulbasaur
Lyra: I choose Charmander!
Professor Oak: Let me see your Pokedexes.
The National Dex is now on Clyde and Lyra's PokeDexes.
Oak: Bye!
Back in Johto
Clyde: Huh. Anyways, got to go, bye!
Lyra: That 12 year old boy...

To Be Continued
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