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Pokemon nuzlocke: Virtues & Sins: ep.4 Temperance

by phoenixacezero

phoenixacezero TV-14
Pokemon white nuzlocke
Virtue & Sins
I do not own Pokemon or nuzlocke. Pokemon belongs to Nintendo and Gamefreak. Nuzlocke (aka Pokemon Hard mode) Belong to nuzlocke. All oc and personality belong to me. please enjoy the following.

Last time on Virtue and Sins. Drago and his gang had made it to Striton city. After battling cheren to a battle at the school, they met up with Bianca and Xion. There peace is cut short when the gym leaders tell them about theri apprentice and the strange things happening around the city, so they decide to investigate. During the investigation Drago meet Crystal, a zorua informant. After Xion analyzed the Heaven Feast Drago obtained, she found traces of dream mist inside it. Finally Drago then confronted Eric, the owner of Heaven Feast and took him down. Now let join our heroes.

Xion Pov
Xion's building

I sat there, just thinking about what happened yesterday. A Eric, an apprentice chef, poisoned his food with dream mist, which to be on honest, greatly disturbs me. From what my father told me one time, Dream mist was a substance munna and musharna. It color changes depending on the thought of the person. By judging the dream mist found in the food, it was filled to with thought of gluttony mixed with Eric's desire of success creating a dangerous addictive compound.

Drago: *enter.* Yo
Xion: Hey.

Drago Viso Fortuna. A trainer from Celedon city, he one of few people to pass the APTE (Advanced Pokemon Trainer Exam) . The pokemon he have that i know so far are, Gypsy the owhsawott, Jack Snivy and Kinpin the tepig. his traveling companion Victoria Valentines or should I say Shauntal. It was a surprise to see one of the Elite four member traveling with him. Usually they're at the pokemon league waiting for someone to challenge them, but why is she here.

Drago: Do you need any help?
Xion: hmmm.... well I do need some dream mist.
Drago: What for?
Xion: well if my theory is correct, I should be able to cure the addictive affect of the heaven feast. But I need dream mist filled with temperance. I want you to go to the dreamyard and go capture one. There should be some tall grass behind that wall. You'll have to cut that small tree in order to go through that hole
Drago: So go capture a Munna? Those things are rare. Can't we ask for someone with a munna to assist us.
Xion: I did. No one in this town owns a munna or a musharana. They plus the trainers who had them released them after team plasma speech.
Drago: ... I'll try.
Xion: Good. there
Drago and Shauntal:: *left.*
Xion's thought: I wonder if this world will also have this event in this world or an entirely different one and how will Drago handle it. But more importantly, will he survive or will that be the last stop of his journey. also why can't they go around that tree.

Drago's Pov
location: Dreamyard.

We stand near the obstacle before us.

Drago: Jack, use cut.
Jack: right. *use his vines to cut the tree into pieces.
Drago: alright guys, lets G-
Bianca: Hi, Drago! *runs up to me.* Are you looking for the mysterious Pokémon, too?
Drago: Mysterious pokemon? What mysterious pokemon?
Bianca: Why Munna. I'm just really, really wondering how showing dreams works...
Shauntal: Same here. We're trying to capture Munna in order to help Xion.

???: HELP ME!

Bianca: Hey! Did you hear a sound coming from the other side of that wall?
Drago: *Run into the direction of the noise.*
Shauntal: Drago!
Jack, Kingpin, and Gypsy: *follow.*
Bianca: wait! *follow.*

We all headed to where the cry was coming from and when we got there we saw two team plasma grunts kicking an injured Munna.

Male grunts: come on you stupid pokemon. Fork over the dream mist.
female grunt: please.
Bianca: Huh? Who are you?! What are you doing?
Male grunts: We're trying to get this pokemon to produce some dream mist.
Bianca: You're kicking a Pokémon to make it give off Dream Mist? That's mean! Why? You're Trainers too, right?
Drago: Listen Kid, just because they're trainer doesn't mean they're not evil. *look at the grunts.* STOP IT OR ELSE I'll have to rearrange that sorry excuse of a face.
Male grunt: Make us! *send out a patrat.*
Crystal: *scan the patrat.* here the data. *show Drago the data.*
Drago: Gypsy. go in there and use and water gun.
Gypsy: OKAY! *Shoot the patrat a stream of water from her crystal ball.*
Male tp grunt: use leer.
Patrat: *leers at Gypsy.*
Drago: water gun.
Gypsy: *uses water gun on patrat.*
Patrat: *faints*
Female grunt: *nervous.* yes sir. go Cupcake. *sent out a purrloin* Use growl.*
Cupcake: *use growl.*
Drago: gypsy water gun.
Gypsy: *shoot it with water gun.*
Female grunt: Use sand attack!
Cupcake: *throw some sand into Gypsy's eyes.*
Drago: Water gun.
Gypsy: *use water gun on Cupcake.*
Cupcake: *faints.*
Male grunts: GRR! *Kick his patrat.* GET UP!
Shauntal: Stop! it is in no condition to fight!
Drago: *punch the grunt.*
Male grunt: *faints.*
Drago: Thats for patrat and this *stomp the grunt's ball. Stare at the female grunt*
Female grunt: Eep! *grab Cupcake and patrat and runs away.*
Drago: Cowards.
Bianca: Oh no.

I look at Bianca and saw a look of despair on her face as she look at the injured Munna. It sides were bleeding.

Bianca: Drago, we have to get this Munna to a pokemon center. *walk up to it*
???: MY CHILD!
Drago: What the
Shauntal: That sounds like a...

A musharna appear before us. It eyes were filled with rage and staring at us.

Drago: what, No we didn't do this. It wa-
Female Mushrana: LIAR! YOU DID THIS TO MY CHILD! *uise Psychic on Everyone except Munna and Crystal.* NOW I SHALL MAKE YOU REGRET IT!
???: Hold IT!

A patrat jump out of the grass. the patrat was wearing a long white head band.

Femlae Musharna: Go
Go patrat: Lady Diana. The one responsible for hurting your child was that guy *point at the male team plasma grunts.* The other three came and prevented munna from getting injured any further. the blond girl wanted to take your daughter to a pokemon center
Diana Musharna: ... Is this true? *Look at Bianaca.*
Bianca: Please let US HELP Munna. We have to get it to a pokemon center.
Diana: ..very well. I entrust you with my daughter's life. From this day forth, Lily shall be young blond trainer.*let them go except for the grunt.* I shall take care of this one.
Drago: Wait! We need your help
Diana: What is it?
Drago: We need dream mist filled with temperance.
Diana: Since you protected my child.. Go hold still and think
Go: very well.
Diana: *absorb Go's thoughts. She produce a sphere filled with dream mist.* Take this.
Drago: thank you.
Diana: Now if you excuse me, I need to deal with something. *teleports away.*
Drago: go take care of your new pokemon
Bianca: Huh?
Drago: Musharna chose you to be her daughter's trainer. Now go heal Lily.
Bianca: Oaky *take Munna to a pokemon center.*
Drago: *turn Thank you.. Go is it?
Go: *nod his head*
Shauntal: Drago. Is Munna going to make it in time
Drago: Of course. I mean have you seen how Bianca run. As for the grunt... He gonna die at the paw of angry psychic mother
Shauntal: Yeah. That Musharna was probably in the 50.
Go: She is. That why pokemon in this area made her guardian of the Dreamyard. But I digress. Overall I commend you of your bravery. That why I like to join you on your quest.
Drago: Well I do need more pokemons. Sure. Welcome to the team Go. *pull out a poke ball.*
Go: *tap the poke ball and get sucked in.*
Drago: I caught a patrat.
Shauntal: Way to go. Now lets return to Xion.
Drago: Right.

Xion's PoV
I heard the door open as Drago and Shauntal return.

Xion: Did you capture the Munna?
Shauntal: well...

I listen as Shauntal explain what happened. From Team Plasma attacking Munna, to Drago defeating them. No surprises there. but what surprise me was what Musharna did. Originally Musharna was supposed to scare off the grunts with a illusion according to my research, but instead it tried to kill them. It was only after a patrat Drago caught told me what happened did it decide to help, plus entrust Binaca to be Munna's trainer.

Shauntal: And that what happened.
Xion: Intresting. *hold the dream mist.* Overall sound like you had an interesting day.
Drago: Yeah.
Xion: anyways, thank you for the Dream Mist. I should be able to find a cure.
Drago: That go to hear. I'm going to the the next route. *leave*
Shauntal: Good bye.
Xion: Bye-bye.

I turn back at the dream mist and started mix it into the cure.

Xion's thought: An Elite Four member traveling with a hero, dream mist being used to make food addictive, and a mother Musharna's wrath. This universe is becoming more interesting day by day.
Xion: *Chuckle.* Drago Viso Fortuna. One of many nuzlcokers. Will you be the hero who will wield the Shadow of Ideals or The Light of Truth?
???: Who knows?
Xion: *turns around and see a female gardevoir.* Dawn, Did find out something about where Eric got that power from?
Dawn Gardevoir: Unfortunately, I unable to , for you see, He was murdered.

To be continued.