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Pokemon Nuzlocke: Phantom Destiny: ep.2- Keep Calm & throw balls.

by phoenixacezero

phoenixacezero Lucky lucky
I Do not own pokemon or the nuzlocke challenge. Pokemon belongs to Gamefreak, but the nuzlocke challenge belong to a guy named nulocke, the oc name and their personality are from my own mind.

It been 2 days since I got Chimmira (the chimchar told me ). She was a lot of a hassle at first, but she kind of nice when you get to know her. She a scardy cat. when I show her a scary movie called "The Cursed Letter."


Rocko: *channel surfing.*
TV: today.... Milly reveal her dark secret to mike. how will he handle it. find out on today episode of "All my kisses."
Rocko: Who cares? *changes the channel.*
TV: DO YOU WANT TO MAKE $5000 pokes. just send 10..
Rocko: *changes the channel .*
TV: now for today Presentation, "The Cursed Letter." only on "Nightmare".
Rocko: *smile.* sweet.

Since I was 5, I've always have been fascinated by most horror movies. from the classics like "Frankenstein." to modern days slasher flicks.

Chimmira: *walk into the room, eating a bowl of fruit salad.* Hey what are you watching?
Rocko: a new movie. wanna watch?
Chimmira: sure why not? *sit next to Rocko as movie begin with a student at a college dorm receiving a letter with no nothing on it except a seal of a skull. he opens the letter and with a paper with the bold printed words HEAD TO THE ABANDONED RADIO TOWER BEFORE 6:45 PM. The student just scoffs at the letter and throw it away. the student falls asleeps. when it reaches 6:45 PM and ominous goes near the front door...*

{Time break.}

TV: *credits rolls*
Rocko: That was an okay movie. I was hoping for a plot twist ending but begger can't be chooser. what do you think Chimmira *turns to where Chimmira was sitting only to find her not there.* Chimmira?

I looked around the room searching for that chimchar.
Rocko: Where did she go?

I notice the bed shaking. I look under it and there was Chimmira, white as a sheet.

Rocko: How are you holding princess?
Chimmira: GET. BENT.

Flashback ends

when the mail carrier came by the next day, she tried to scare him away. Anyway Brutus dargged me to day so we could capture the pokemon of the lake except we don't have any poké balls. We saw a man there in a weird getup. My bracelet started to vibrate when he
walked by. I think his name Cyro?

Chimmira: *tap my head* earth to kid.
Rocko: huh?
Chimmira: check this out. *used ember on a wild bidoof.*
Rocko: Cool you learned ember, but did you have to roast a bidoof.
Chimmira: chill Rose-hair.
Rocko: don't call me that.
After resting, we made our way to sandgem town, we were escorted by dawn and ran I to Brutus. Professor rowan gave me a pokédex and TM 27 ask me to record every poke I see. I learned that dawn starter was a turtwig. After a tour we went to store and bought some
Balls. Now off to capture some Pokemons.

Chimmira: Bidoof!
Rocko: remember, we need to catch it, not make into bareque Rodent.
Chimmira: you kidding me *scratch it* IT A MOUSE!
Rocko: *toss a pokeball at it.* still we need all the help we can get. The red light surround the bidoof as it as it get suck into the poke ball. My heart race as it rumble. 1…2…3. There was ping coming from the poke ball. I caught it.
Rocko: *picked up the poke ball.* I CAUGHT A BIDOOF!
Chimmira: congrats. You caught a normal type.
Rocko: you do know it evolve into a normal/water type.
Chimmira: whatever, let's go to the lake and capture the next one.
Rocko: as you wish princess.
Rocko: don't call me rose-hair.

I head toward the lake still excited about my first catch. I wonder what I'll catch next.

Rocko: now let see what we can
???: hey. I looked down my feet. Standing there was a starly.
Starly: Name Celeste. Word is that a female pink hair trainer is looking for some pokemon and that he already caught a bidoof.
Rocko: *getting angry.* that me and I'm a boy.
Celeste: really? Because you look like a girl.
Chimmira: HAHAHA!? your riot kid. Wanna come along. Celeste: that sound lovely. I tossed a poké ball at Celeste. As it shook I wonder, how can I understand Celeste? I picked up the ball and headed home to tell my mom. She handled this better than I expected. Though she handed me a journal & a strange disk.
She explained it will allow me to transport clothes from a ware house she owned. Brutus's mom came in looking for Brutus wanting to give him something he forgot for the hundredth time. So i have to give it to him, like always.
Chimmira: DO WE HAVE TO?!
Bidoof: I have to agree. Sound like a hassle. Can't we just stay and sleep.
Chimmira: I agree with chubby.
Bidoof: My name Bob.
Rocko: listen, we have to. Beside, it gonna be hilarious.

We arrived at route 202.

Dawn: I forgot to show you how to catch pokemon.
Rocko: umm dawn I know how to catch pokemon.
A Shinx walk up to me.
Shinx: {poketalk} Hey man, do you have somewhere I can sleep!
Rocko: what?
Chimmira: He said he want a place to sleep.
This is too easy
Rocko: yeah. Touch this *pull out a pokeball*
Shinx: {poketalk} I heard about those. That a poke sphere. The name Loki. *Get into the pokeball.*
Rocko: Sweet. Now let head back to the pokemon center and rest up.
Chimmira: okay.
Celeste: very well.
Bob: ZZZZ.

I picked up bob as we head back to rest up.