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Team Lightning Strikers: > Enter name.

by NonAnalogue

Epsilon Upsilon Homestuck.png
NonAnalogue Your name is UPSILON. Today is your BIRTHDAY, and you have decided to spend it by standing around in an EMPTY ROOM, adorned with only a mysterious POSTER, alongside your half-brother EPSILON. You would be inclined to say that 'adventure' is your MIDDLE NAME, if indeed MIDDLE NAMES were anything that applied to you. You especially love all the HIDDEN TREASURE that Epsilon always seems to rustle up, though he is certainly CAGEY about where it comes from. But really, overall, you're not terribly picky about what you do, so long as you have FUN!

You're also a fan of BATTLING, though, to be fair, STRATEGY is a concept that generally eludes you. Nonetheless, you tend to trump Epsilon in your sparring matches despite a distinct LEVEL ADVANTAGE, possibly because you tend to get very lucky with DOUBLE TEAM. He certainly does like to use THIEF a lot, though! You wonder if that means anything. You suppose you have a lot of TIME to think it over.

What will you do?
  1. Twilight Nova
    Twilight Nova
    *inhuman sounds*
    Apr 7, 2016
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