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Dimire Village - Pier 2

by raccoonchan12

Dimire Village - Pier 2.png
raccoonchan12 Another Random Place from my Idea of Pokemon.This is a location in a place called,Dimire Village.This is Pier/Dock 2,an area where Pokemon are and a place to capture Lapras and Flying Pokemon - Which you can see 2 Gray area.There will be a random number of Pokemon Trainers,as an example that Withney,a Blonde,and 3 of my OC's are at.The Pokemon will also be at random.But,there will be a total of 1-3 Pokemon on the little docks.The Lapras takes the Pokemon to relax at the Docks,and returns them when they want to go.There will be a chance to get some rare Pokemons,even Legendaries.But there will be at 2 Legendaries on every Tuesday and Saturday.
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  1. Xenonaut
    There should be a game of this!...it looks great!
    Jul 7, 2014