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Daniel's Journey Part 1: That Fateful Day

by Gym_Leader_Aqua

Gym_Leader_Aqua In Daniel's point of view
I never knew anyone, I never thought about how people in this world leave their child on the street, I didn't know what happened, but all I know is that HE came and rescued me on that rainy day, and he treated me like a son, other than those who abandon their children for no reason. But HE, came to rescue me, HE gave me shelter, HE gave me food, HE showed me how to live in this world, and HE loved me. He loved me so much that he showed me how to catch a Pokemon, so he caught me my first Pokemon, my Ekans. I loved him, played with Ekans, Trained with Ekans, but I never got to go outside of the underground house that we lived in. I learned, got smarted and knew what I was for in this world. I knew after this conversation from the man who saved me from the storm. It all changed with one conversation for when I was 12. I was in my black hoodie, left my black hair normal, and I wore the jeans, and black shoes he got me. I was sitting on the bed reading with Ekans sleeping on the bed.
"Ah, Daniel there you are, I've been looking for you." He pulls up a chair and sits next to me. "What are you reading?" I looked over the top of the opened book to see his black eyes looking at me.
"I'm reading on the different types of pokeballs." He looks at the roof, then the lights, then he looks back at me.
"Daniel, I want to ask you a question." I close the book and set it on the bed. Soon, Ekans wakes up.
"Ok," He looks at me, then he pets Ekans on the head.
"Would you do anything for me?" I looks at him with my brown eyes and I answered the question without thinking.
"Of course I would!" I got up on my feet to look at him.
"alright then, here." He takes out this new hoodie with a dark pink "R" on it. Then he gives it to me and I put it on. I liked it, it had my color, black.
"Thanks, where did you get this?" I look around the hoodie to see if there was anything else on it.
"Oh, well lets just say that I had this before. Now I want you to do something for me. You will be apart of Team Rocket now won't you?" He looks at me with his serious look.
"Of course, what do I do?" He looks at me then his Persian comes up and lays next to him.
"You help people, you will go to Mt Moon near Cerulean City. I want you to pack your stuff, I have a friend I want you to meet. He's a good friend. Now, get ready you leave when its the next morning." He soon leaves my room with his Persian following him. I pack all my stuff get Ekans and head out on a plane to Mt. Moon. The first time I get to go to the outside world. (To be continued...)
  1. Gym_Leader_Aqua
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    Dec 21, 2014