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Cloud's Sinnoh Journey (Chapter 3)

by SwiftNinetalez

SwiftNinetalez Cloud is now searching for Tyler, but there is some trouble out on Route 201.
~Atlantic Grunt calls Admin Sierra~

Grunt: Sierra? are you there?
Sierra: Yes I am, what do you want?

Grunt: The boss told me that he wants you to go to Route 201.
Sierra: Thanks for telling me, I'll be there shortly.

Grunt: Ok Sierra, bye!
Sierra: Bye.

~Call ends~

???: Well? what did she say?
Grunt: She said she will be here shortly.

???: Good! now.. Shall we go to the Wilson River?
Grunt: We probably should, lets catch that trainer!

???: Now that's what I like to see! :D

~Grunt and ???, head to the Wilson River~

~Meanwhile with Cloud~

Cloud: Hmm... Where would Tyler head to? Sandgem Town? or the Wilson River..

Cloud: I'll go check the Wilson River, its closer to my town anyways.

~Cloud heads to Route 201~

Cloud: I forgot, I cant run into any pokemon.. I must be careful.

Cloud: Wait! what's that moving around in the grass?

~A wild Bidoof appears~

Cloud: AHHH! Wait a minute... That Bidoof isn't violent.

Cloud: How is that thing mean? it looks so cute! :)

~Cloud pets the Bidoof~

Cloud: See? theres nothing to worry abou--

~Bidoof bites his hand~


~Cloud tries to shake the Bidoof off his hand~

Cloud: Owww.. His bite hurts..

~Bidoof then stopped and ran away~

Cloud: Yeah! run away.. you darn Bidoof!

Cloud: Anyway, lets go to the Wilson River.

~Cloud enters the Wilson River~

Cloud: Ahhhh.. I remember going here to see the river as a little boy.. :)

Cloud: It was a blast! I got to see some nice pokemon.


~Cloud looks over in the distance at Tyler~

Cloud: What the..? Who are those people?

~Cloud dashes towards the mysterious people~

Grunt: Sir! there is another kid over here.
???: What? Ugh..

Cloud: My name is Cloud!

???: Hmm? Cloud you say..

Cloud: And Hey! stop hurting my friend!

???: Your his friend huh? your cracking me up!

???/Grunt: Hahahaha! xD

Cloud: Shut your mouths.

???: Really? would I really shut my mouth?

Cloud: Ugh.. I wish I had my starter right about now..

Tyler: Oh Yeah! I forgot..

Tyler: Hey Cloud! the professor gave me these 3 pokemon, he said that he wanted me to give one to you.

Cloud: Thanks Tyler! I cant wait.

???: Oh wow, I can't believe I have to watch him get his first pokemon..

Grunt: I'll try to sneak behind Cloud's friend.

~Grunt sneaks around Tyler~

~Tyler pushes the grunt into the river~


???: I'm sorry grunt.. but I don't care.


~Grunt slowly starts to go under~

~Grunt drowns~

???: ...
Cloud: ...
Tyler: ...

Cloud: How dare you! you didn't even help him out!
???: I simply don't care, I have lots of other grunts you know?

Cloud: Tyler? the pokemon! can I choose one now?
Tyler Hurry! pick one of the starters.

???: Hmph..

(Starter 1) Riolu - Emanation Pokémon

(Starter 2) Shinx - Flash Pokémon

(Starter 3) Gible - Land Shark Pokémon

Cloud: Hmmm.. Okay! I'm choosing the Pokémon.. Riolu!

~Cloud has obtained Riolu~

???: Lets fight! since you got your dumb Riolu..

Cloud: I will win for sure!

???: Heh.. Its pointless! you can't beat me!

Cloud: We will just see about that!

~Cloud VS ???~

Cloud: Go Riolu!
???: Go Houndour!

--------------------------------- Riolu Lv. 5
--------------------------------- Houndour Lv. 5

Cloud: Riolu use Tackle!

???: My Houndour took some damage..
???: Houndour! use Tackle as well!

Cloud: Riolu is still Ok..
Cloud: Riolu! use Tackle once more!

???: Houndour! use Bite!
~Bite misses~

???: Noooo!

Cloud: Alright Riolu! lets finish it off with a Tackle!
~Riolu attacks~

~Houndour fainted~

Cloud has beaten ???.

???: This can't be!

Cloud has earned $20.

Cloud: Told ya! I beated you.

???: That can't be! how was that possible for me to lose?

Cloud: You just suck! xD

???: GRRR! Mark my words Cloud.. I will get revenge on you!

Cloud: Yeah yeah, just retreat already!

~??? retreats from the Wilson River~

Tyler: That was an awesome battle!

Cloud: Yeah... I still can't believe that his grunt is dead.

Tyler: That was harsh.. Anyway, do you want to battle me at Sandgem Town?

Cloud: Yeah! that would be nice.

Tyler: Then its official! lets meet in Sandgem Town.

Cloud: Alright! bye Tyler.

Tyler: Bye Cloud.

~Tyler leaves the Wilson River~

Cloud: Oh man! I love my new Riolu! :D

~End of Chapter 3~
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