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Cloud & The Opposite

by CloudLine64

CloudLine64 A short little series about Cloud meeting her male counterpart,Storm,wait for part 2!
Cloud walked an old path that lead to a grassy,dew-filled,meadow.Trees shrouded around it,making it her "Alone Place".This is where she would go if her life became too chaotic.She laid down in the dew and sighed,clouds above her shaped themselves into pokemon as she listed them off.
"Shaymin,Helioptile,Bulbasaur,blah,blah,blah...What next?"she sat up,looking around the sparkling domain.An exotic forest was spotted in the distance,Cloud got up and strolled along the prairie grass.She wondered what would be there,maybe a Mew was there,or a Scyther!As Cloud trekked a rocky area,she felt like she was being watched by something.
She grabbed some vines and wound them together,she then put it on her belt.Cloud looked around for the danger she seemed to be watched by,being as cautious as possible.Her hand levitated on top of the hand-made whip,waiting for it to slash the thing that came close.Cloud scowled as a shadow came in front of her,blocking the sun.She growled,imitating a lost Houndoom.The shadow turned into the thing it was,which Cloud quickly reacted to.
A slash hit the thing,then another one!The hand-made whip flung rapidly at the object,making it soon enough fall to the ground.Cloud,placing the vine whip back to her belt,went over to the entity,which she saw was a man.She observed the male,noticing touches of herself in there.The man had dirty blonde hair like her's,he also had a thin face like her's,and he had a pokemon kind of like her's.The shirt was black and red,instead of white and green,she saw he had jeans to go with it.
But the man's eyes were mostly covered by his bangs,unlike her's.She thought of what Darken said to her one day,
"Cloud! I went to another universe! It-It had everyone you knew,but different!Come on,I'll explain it!"and he pulled her to the meadow.Was this Cloud's opposite?Was he from the world Darken encountered?Her thoughts made her curious about the man,studying him more.The man woke up,sliding back a few inches,putting one of his arms in front of him.
"Ah!The lady that whipped me!St-Stay back!Wait...the,the f****?!"he yelled.He looked at the woman,she looked like him,was she the opposite at him?The one Darkness told him about?Well...to him,this was a bad start.
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  1. Azur
    Whoa, what a cool story! This looks really good so far.
    Jan 30, 2015