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Chapter 2: A Snowy Appearance

by Illusionist___Zorua

Illusionist___Zorua Kindle, Josephine, and Jubilee(also known as Team Stardust) come apon a frosty friend. She seems nice alright, but there is a secret. Will they figure it out in time so she understands, or will she be exiled from her home?
Josephine walked in a misty terrain, without Kindle or Jubilee. She felt eyes staring at her, as if she was walking in someone's territory. A swift movement caught her eye. A shiny Glaceon leaped out of the snow and charged toward her. Josephine woke with a jolt. "Are you okay? You we're kicking in your sleep." Kindle admitted. "I guess." Said Josephine. Jubilee was curled up. "You know where still in the Beach Area?" Kindle laughed. "Area?" Josephine asked. "Yes. There is the Beach, Snowy, Grassy or Meadow, and Forest. Nobody is allowed to go in the Forest Area, because of Camp what its name lives there. But we need to travel there to get to Diamond Castle, which holds Ambition Rock." Kindle explained. "What's the next area?" Jubilee said. "Snowy." Kindle answered in a flash. "Well then, let's get there!" After Team Stardust ate their breakfast they set off towards Snowy Area. "Aw, I haven't had a good walk since awhile now." Josephine commented. "Yeah, me either!" Jubilee answered happily.
Nightlight the Zorua stood behind a rock and eavesdropped on Team Stardust. "Well they came up with a clever name, I say." Nightlight whispered. "Sure they did. Now if you keep quiet I could actually hear them." Aliice's sharp voice made Nightlight sit down.
Team Stardust takes a rest at Chilly Hills.
"Dang we've traveling far." Jubilee said. "It's been 10 minutes. We're not even half of half of half way there. Now Glaceon tend to patrol just up ahead. So keep your mouths shut, and your eyes and ears open." Kindle swiftly ran through the short grass. "Over here!" Kindle said. Jubilee whispered to Josephine. "It's like she yelled but whispered." Josephine stared at Jubilee. A shiny Glaceon walked over to Kindle. "Greetings." The Glaceon said. "This is Josephine and Jubilee." Kindle said. "And this is Valerie. She's a Glaceon, and she'll travel with us as far as Meadow Area." Kindle explained. "Alright then. Forward- March!" Team StarDust followed Valerie. Once they reached their campsite it was a blizzard. "It's usually like this here." Valerie explained. All of them entered a building that was really warm inside. "This is were we stay." Valerie said.