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How did I end up in Hoenn?: Chapter 13

by AzureEdge

AzureEdge After Forever, Azure continues her quest to get out this game, facing her first gym badge! How will it go? Click here to find out!
Chapter 13~ Rustboro, Finally~!
After many hours of running away from rabid Zigzagzoon, Azure found herself at Rustboro city! She sighed of relief and walked to the Pokémon center. Trik and Poochy were worn out, but the Ralts Azure caught, literally helped her make through where Yui, that berry lady left her. She walked in to the Pokémon center and saw Roxanne, healing her Pokémon. Azure, walked right into her, and being the person she was, apologized. Roxanne sighed, and smiled. Roxanne went into her pocket, and conjured up something that Azure would never believe. Roxanne gave some candy. Roxanna said, "Here Eat. You look worn out, and you look like it too."
Azure smiled. "Thanks~!" Before she opened the wrapper, doubt began to fill her mind and What if's where everywhere. What if she was Team Whatever dressed in disguise ready to steal her Pokémon? What if this lady was trying to kill her with poison in that candy? Azure hesitated, and put the piece of candy back in the wrapper. Roxanne looked worried. "Hey, what's wrong?"
Azure put a fake grin on her face, and tried to tell a huge lie."I'm not hungry, but thanks very much! Your name is~"
"Roxanne, the new Gym Leader Of Rustboro. How about your name? You look like a trainer, and I'd love to challenge you~"
I pointed to myself."Me? Oh, my name's Azure. And yea, I'm a trainer, so I guess I'll challenge you sooner or later."Nurse Joy walked out of her usual spot at the center and walked to Roxxanne, and was now tapping her shoulder. She was adjitated, but Nurse Joy continued. She said " There healed now! Go back to the gym, before some challenger challenges you!"Roxxanne who was annoyed beyond belief. She then looked at Azure, gave a bit of a grin, and left to the Gym.
Azure then rested for a bit, and headed for a gym.
Azure looked around the gym and found it looked way different than it should have in the game. But there weren't any students, or other trainers, besides Roxanne! Azure walked up to Roxanne, and noticed that she crossed her arms, rather quickly. "Azure, I've been waiting for you. Ready for a battle?"
Azure nodded, but the mystery of the trainers led to her curiosity of the question. "Isn't there supposed to be Trainers here, along with you?"
Roxxanne was hit with a bit of shock. How would this person know? She's never been to my gym, and on top of that, probably just got into the city! But, she looks familiar. Really familiar. Ah, well enough of that. "Would you like the battle to be one on one?"
Azure sighed, but nodded. That'll make thing's much easier than it should be. Well, my strongest would be Trik as of this moment, and Trik's also a good Pokémon due to the type advantage. So, here goes nothing! "Alright, Trik, my Treecko will be battling for me at this time". "Trik, come out!" A green Salamander was thrown out of his Pokeball, ready to fight. Roxanne looked at Trik, and sighed. Maybe she thought that she was going to lose. Who knows? Roxanne took a moment, and took out her Nosepass. Azure sighed, wasn't that her strongest Pokémon? What level was it? Who knows, and who cared? Azure had the type advantage, so it shouldn't have mattered in the first place. Roxanne said "As a gym leader, I will let you go first."
Azure smiled. "Sure!~ Trik, use Absorb!" The Treecko drained Nosepass's Health Points, and by the looks of it, Nosepass was done for. But then why did Roxanne smile?
A whisper echoed around the gym."Rock Tomb." A bunch of rocks was about to fall about Trik, and Azure yelled "Dodge it!" Trik looked up, and didn't panic. Azure thought, what a reliable little thing. How is that thing not scared of tons of rocks about to trample him?
Trik tried to run, but the rocks seemed to follow him! Trik tried to run faster and faster, but to no avail! Trik was now trampled in these rocks. Azure was about to run to throw those rocks away, and help Trik, but Roxanne gave her a death glare.
Suddenly, on how soon it is, Roxanne was about to call victory, but a blue glow came from those rocks. And then, instead of a little Treecko came a Grovyle! It then used the move Pursuit, and Nosepass fainted. Roxanne then declared Azure the winner.
"I knew it! You're Norman's daughter! That's why you were able to beat me so easily!" Roxanne then patted Azure's back.
Azure smiled. Guess she was going to be babied again. But let's take it for now~"Well, yes, you're right. Is there really that much of a resemblance? Wow."
Roxanne then gave her a TM, with her badge. "This is for you, for defeating me so quick. I'd like to challenge you again, so when you buy a Pokenav, or get one, call me!" Azure nodded, and walked towards her Grovyle, which then smiled at her. Azure said "Good job there buddy." She then walked out of the gym with Grovyle next to her. She walked to the Pokemon Center, and then heard some commotion. And then someone came running, her way. Was that man looking for her?
" Help! Those Team Aqua Grunts stole the Devon Goods!"
-To be Continued-
  1. TooBlue12
    Please tell me the next chapter is coming soon. This story is just so funny it makes my sides hurt cause I laugh so many times.
    Jul 21, 2015
    AzureEdge likes this.
  2. AzureEdge
    @LatiasMusic Oops. I'm a bit tired, I guess, otherwise I would have spotted these mistakes earlier, so thanks~!
    Both mistakes should be fixed by now.
    Mar 29, 2015
  3. NocturnalNetwork
    Oh, I also forgot about this. There is a part that says: "Trik was now trampled in these rocks. Azure was about to run to throw those rocks away, and help Trik, but Roxanne gave her a death glare. Roxanne then gave her a death glare." That also gets strange.
    Mar 29, 2015
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  4. AzureEdge
    Ah, Oops. I should fix that.
    -Goes to Fix that-
    Mar 29, 2015
  5. NocturnalNetwork
    :D Good to see that these are back! I should point out that you changed the narrator two times: Third person, first person and then third person again. That makes the fsnfic a bit confusing. Nice job though.
    Mar 29, 2015
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