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Bosconola Gym - 2nd Floor

by raccoonchan12

Bosconola Gym - 2nd Floor.png
raccoonchan12 This is where it gets abit complicated.
- You enter in the Bottom room where the two nurses are.You can heal your Pokemon there if you don't have enough items,or if you want to.You will choose one of the two rooms.
- If you choose the door on the left,You will be sent to an island.Your goal is to head to the door where the woman is like in the 1st Floor.You will have to fight some of the trainers in the area because of the traps.The Locked Door on the Right side can give you a hint on how to deactivate them.There are some electrical boxes around the area.You have to find the off switch and turn it off.The best choice is one of the 6 boxes on the left side of the area.Once you are able to head to the door after defeating the trainers,you will be transported to the 3rd Floor.

- If you choose the right door,you will be in a bit of a goose chase.The Officer will give you a explanation about how this room goes.The goal is to find 2 keys.Both keys will open both doors so you will enter the 3rd Floor.The thing is,you will have to find them from one of the 6 trash cans,and one from the 10 Trainers.*Just a hint,the second key will not be held by the 3 trainers that are near the door.Once you get the 2 keys,you will have to find the easiest room to the 3rd Floor. *I'm not gonna tell you,which door leads to one of the 2 rooms.*One room will have the same woman from before,and she will heal your pokemon.The other one is a clown that you will fight.*He will use Pokemon that can cause status effects;like sleeping,poison,etc.*He will then open the back door which you will head to the 3rd Floor*

After you head to the 3rd Room,you will fight the Gym Leaders.