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Bonkers vs Bugzzy

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox
Bonkers vs Bugzzy
In Dedede castle, the greedy king was deciding which monster would be strong enough to face Meta Knight in an upcoming tournament. So far, the two strongest were a hammering gorilla named Bonkers, and a flying sword wielding beetle named Bugzzy. Now, he would find out who was stronger. King Dedede put them in a cage to find out who was stronger, and so the match began. Bonkers slammed his hammer down, which Bugzzy dodged and hit Bonkers on the head with his club. Bonkers began punching and slamming Bugzzy, who was kicking and biting Bonkers. Bugzzy flew up and began shooting mini beetles. Bonkers countered some with his hammer, but a lot also hit him. One got in his shaded eye, resulting in Bonkers getting furious. Bonkers became Super Bonkers, and began tossing coconuts. Bugzzy easily evaded and stabbed Bonkers in the arm with his sword. He began hitting Bonkers with his club, but was then knocked up by a flaming hammer. Bonkers dashed towards Bugzzy, who flew beneath Bonkers and bit into Bonkers’ back. Bonkers howled, then back-flipped, slamming Bugzzy beneath him. Bugzzy managed to push him off then slashed at Bonkers’ head. Bonkers began bleeding, but used his coconuts again. Bugzzy was pushed away, then used his swords to slice the coconuts. Bugzzy caught another one and tossed it at Bonkers. Super Bonkers began to get worn out, so he slammed his hammer down hard, creating an earthquake and knocking Bugzzy down. Bugzzy saw Bonkers charging so he sliced Bonkers’ arm off. The primate screamed, and Bugzzy clubbed Bonkers on the head. Bonkers took it to another level, becoming Super Bonkers EX. He became bright red, and smashed his hammer down on Bugzzy. The beetle, now a little dizzy, stumbled around. Bonkers then spun around, hammer on fire, which tore apart Bugzzy. Bonkers looked at Bugzzy, who got burned into 4 pieces. His arms, his legs, his chest and his head. Bonkers beat his chest in victory and begun jumping up and down.
This fight’s winner is: