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All my badges, Hoenn


Stone badge.png Gas badge.png Dynamon badge.png Feet badge.png Balance badge.png Diabat badge.png Mind badge.png oval badge.png
MRMIKE19 1. Stone badge, Given by: Roxanne
2. Gas badge, Given by: Vivi
3. Dynamo badge, Given by: Wattson
4. Feet badge, Given by: Flannery
5. Balance badge, Given by: May
6. Diabat badge, Given by: Leo
7, Mind badge, Given by: Tate and Lisa
8, Oval badge, Given by: Joost
snivyD and baratron like this.
  1. MRMIKE19
    i know the yellow is exually pretty cool in my opinion, Gas badge is just a cloud from a koffing
    Mar 23, 2014
  2. baratron
    They're all great, except the gas badge, which seems a bit uninspired. Also, it seems odd that the first three badges are all yellow. Maybe change the colours a bit?
    Mar 23, 2014