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A Wild Purrloin Appeared!

by hoopagolduck

hoopagolduck A small story sort of thing about a shy trainer ( think wally, but a girl ) who catches a purrloin as her starter. Wally, not wallace...
The girl had been given a pokeball to catch a pokemon for herself. The professor had said, " We ran out, so many new trainers! Well, I have a spare pokeball. Why not catch your own pokemon? " The girl clutched the pokeball and continued down the pat until it became long grass. She read the spindly sign by the road...

Route 1

Do NOT go without a pokemon!

"Well..." she said. " T-this is dangerous..." She paused. " I-I can do it!" She took a step in.

3 Hours Later

"YOWWWWWWWW!" Purrloin screamed. Purrloin's leg had been caught in a trap. As if THAT would stop it from stealing jewelry! It tried to run but her tail had anchored itself the the rope. " Purr... purrloin..."

The girl paused. " Purrloin... Don't they steal things? Should I catch you, or... a-are you evil?" She looked uncertainly at it, and then decided, "L-let's do this!" She flung the pokeball at Purrloin. Purrloin was sucked in... The pokeball wobbled. Once. Twice... Three times... ....

CLICK! Stars sparked out of the pokeball as Purrloin was caught! The girl couldn't believe it. "I... I have my own pokemon!"

Note: If you want the next bit, just say in the comments!