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A Sceptile for an Adventure: Chapter 2.

by Tirqu Tell

Tirqu Tell Part two of my story.
My head bumped against a box inside the truck, when I remembered I was in the back of our moving truck. I had never felt any sudden bumps or jerks in the truck this far, so we must have stopped for some reason, or the couch I was laying on came alive and wanted me to get off it. I assumed the first and sat up, yawning and rubbing my eyes, stretching my arms and standing up. I looked at the boxes around me, letting my drowsiness wear away, which was more difficult considering how dark it was, until the door to the back of the truck flung open, making me clench my eyes together and shield them from the light. I saw Mm going inside with a couple boxes, along with a Machoke and another one who just took a chair from the truck. I jumped out of the back and started grabbing boxes too, so I wouldn't be useless. I headed for the door when my Mom came out, running into me. "Oh! Tirqu I'm sorry, you shouldn't stand behind doors like that, you know." She chuckled, taking the boxes from me, "The Machoke and I will get things set up, but since your father has been here longer then us, he set up your room, you should go see it! It's very neat." She smiled and went back into the house, holding the door open for me. "Oh, okay then..." I walked inside slowly, making sure nothing else would hit me. Mom pushed me into the house gently and went to go unload the boxes, her brown hair was done-up in a nice bun on the back of her head, even though normally she would have it down, "Hey Mom, why the hair?" I asked. She turned to me then felt the clump of nicely-combed hair on the back of her head, "Oh, well it's pretty warm in Hoenn, with the volcanos and all... it's also kind of a 'thing' to have your hair up or by the sides of your head here, too." I nodded, barely getting anything she said, then she turned and put the boxes away. Iran through the house, making sure to dodge anything in my way, then I bolted up the stairs, almost falling as I got to the top. I stopped myself from moving, breathing a bit heavier.
I looked throughout my room, a smile appearing on my face. It was very neat, a big green carpet was laid out in the center of my floor, a blue bed in the corner, but a bit away from the walls so I wouldn't feel claustrophobic, a large window right under where the slant of the roof was, Dad even set up a desk in the far corner with a chair for his PC. I ran towards my bed and jumped on it, kicking my shoes off and rolling around in the fluffy blanket, until I felt a bump, I didn't mind it much, but I was curious enough to see if something was there or not. I slid off the bed and tore the blanket off...being the messy trainer I was, then I saw... a hat? It was a very nice hat, it had a green ring around the base of it that had strips on the inside so it could be adjusted to fit any head, and then a thin-soft white material on the top, that ended in the points. I smiled even wider when I saw a small tag stitched into the inside of it,
"To Tirqu, a wonderful son, and tutor for the young trainers. -Dad"
it might not have been much, but my dad... who was a gym leader, mind you, said I was a great tutor, and that was the least of why I was happy, the main reason was because it was from my dad! I put it on, seeing how Dad had adjusted the rim of it to fit my head, and it was really comfortable. I sat in the bed, sinking into the cushion when I noticed a little clock above my PC, I felt like I had nothing better to do, so I got up and set it. After I was finished with that, Mom came upstairs, pulling my Skitty's bed with her, "Tirqu, where should I put this?" Skitit! oh, my Skitty, I almost forgot about her, given to me by my cat-loving grandma before she left for Sinnoh to be with Grandpa. "Oh, put it anywhere I won't step on her." I chuckled. Mom nodded and pulled it just beside my desk, "and you can hang her little toys on the side of the desk, too." Mom hugged me and left to go downstairs. Skitit slinked out from under my bed, "Ski-Skitty~" she mewed, stretching her hind legs and going to curl up on her bed. "Skitit? How long have you been under there?" I looked under my bed and saw her catnip toys and little faux Swellow-feather clip thing. I dragged them out from under the bed and hung her small Ratata toy by it's tail on the metal ring of the desk, put her two catniptoy just beside her bed and stuck the feather toy into the wall. "ah, there we go..." I looked at my organization, and bent down to move the feather toy up higher when Mom called for me, "Tirqu! you have a call!" I pet Skitit's head and ran downstairs, "Coming!" I was a bit surprised Mom had set up the new PokeDialer so fast. She handed the phone to me, and I quickly answered, "Hello?"
"Hello Tirqu! This is Professor Oak! I was wondering if I could see you by the Lab tomorrow?"
"Uh... sure!"
"Okay, I have to go now, but we'll talk more next time I see you! Bye!"
  1. Tirqu Tell
    Tirqu Tell
    Thank you, dear Gabe.
    Nov 14, 2013
  2. gabe5689
    That was amazing dude
    Nov 14, 2013
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