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A Pokemon Tail

by SharinganTrainer

SharinganTrainer This is a tale of Zen and his talking Ponyta.
"Hurry up or you're going to be late." the Pokémon growled
"Ngh. I'm to tired." the boy complained
The Pokémon sighed, 'I didn't want to do this.' "Embeerrr!"
The tiny flame landed on the boy's leg
"What was that for huh Ponyta!?"
The Ponyta rolled its eyes, "If you take a good look at you calendar and then clock you'll know what I'm talking about...Zen."
Zen shrugged and looked over at the calendar and then clock.
"On no! I'm going to be late!" Zen shouted, stumbling out of his bed and into the bathroom..
Ponyta snorted and followed close behind
"I gotta brush my teeth, use the bathroom, put on clothes, and hurry up outta here!" Zen panicked picking up his toothbrush
"And I still can't imagine how YOU forgot about today."Ponyta stated
Zen spat out the toothpaste, "Get out! I don't need you staring!"
Ponyta let out a laughing sound and trotted out.

Author note: this is the first chapter more to be uploaded

"Annoying little Pokémon." Zen sighed after he had his clothes on
Ponyta was sleeping next to the door, "Ready?"
Zen nodded and opened the door
Ponyta walked under Zen picking his up on his back
"We'll get there fast this way."Ponyta said taking off
  1. rob gamer
    rob gamer
    Mar 29, 2014