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A Pokemon Fanfic: A Pokemon Fanfic: Chapter Eight (Ham and Jam)

by Bulba the Curious

Bulba the Curious Our hero, Norman, takes on Ham and Jam in Dewford's gym once again, with a strategy in mind!
Scene 17

"Woah," was all Norman could say as he and Treble walked out of Granite Cave. They walked in silence until they got back to Dewford.

"We should get healed up." Norman still wouldn't say any more. Treble was put back in his pokeball to heal, but just to be safe, Norman kept him in there. He entered the gym, with a plan, just as he had said he would have.

He thought to himself as he traversed the pitch black maze. Forward until I hit the first wall. Make a sharp left. Continue. Sidestep. Don't trip over the exercise equipment. Ahah! The lights flashed on, revealing Ham and Jam. They were still here, but that was part of the plan, too.

"Have you come to challenge us again?" Ham said in his booming voice.

"I have," replied Norman coolly and confidently.

"Then you shall be crushed again!" Jam told him. "Meditite! Take care of this puny boy's pokemon!"

"Machop! Show them all of your strength!"

The two pokemon appeared in the room. "Go, Treble and Pooch!" called out Norman.

"You still have the same weak pokemon?" Ham said, astounded and unimpressed.

"They're not exactly the same. Sing, Treble!" Treble sang the most melodious tune ever heard in all of Dewford. Machop, Meditite, and Pooch became drowsy. They fell asleep a second after the singing stopped. "Okay, Pooch, return."

Ham and Jam looked at Treble in confusion. That had put both of their pokemon to sleep?

"Zubat, you take 'em," Norman said as he sent out Zubat. "Use Leech Life!" Zubat dived at the opponents, biting each of them in succesion. They fainted just from the bites.

"You may think you have us, but, uh, we have one more pokemon left!" Ham said nervously. Machoke appeared on the field.

"Flygon, switch with Zubat!" Norman commanded. Flygon popped out of its pokeball and took Zubat's place. "Treble, sing!"

Once again, Treble's melodious song filled the gym. Flygon couldn't hear it over the buzzing of its own wings, but the problem was, Machoke was smart enough to cover its ears! "That's going to be a problem," Norman mumbled to himself.

"Machoke! Rock Throw!" Ham cried. Instantly, rocks were hurdling at Flygon and Treble. They both dodged.

"Treble, Wake-Up Slap!" Treble ran cutely towards Machoke, distracting it. Flygon understood what to do as soon as it saw the distraction. It wing attacked Machoke, finally knocking it out.

This time, Ham and Jam were truly astounded. They handed Norman the Knuckle Badge without a word. Finally, the lights went out.