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Yabell's Beginnings

by JC111414

JC111414 Yabell had an Interesting history before Daria began her journey, approximate 5,010 years ago.
5,020 years ago (Before Daria began her journey)
Before Humans had pokeballs and began on journeys to find themselves, people lived in peace with one another. People we divided by what they liked. Grass people lived in Grasslands huts, Fire people lived in Volcano areas such as Mt. Emberbrown, in small caves, Water people lived in rivers and lakes such as Lightsky River, the longest river in Yabell. All three types of pokemon and people lovers lived happily, and in occasions fought over issues. Some Normal and Fighting types lived along side all the Trio Types. The Grass Clan chose a guy named George, The Fire Clan chose a girl named Felicia, The Water Clan chose a guy named Wallace. These three leaders were born within their clans, having a partner each one, Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle respectly. All these Clans work together to prevent dangers from invaders such as Ice Clan that came to attack Grass Clan, the Fire Clan was called to go help them. What the Clans and Leaders didn't knew was that all their types were super effective to one another, Grass->Water->Fire->Grass, because they usually work together and grew together until now.
5,000 years ago
Troy's Point of View

"We must leave them behind, or else we won't grow" A guy kept telling Felicia. "I have said no, and that means no, we won't attack Grass Clan, they have been our friends for 20 years" Felicia kept telling him. I was a little boy hearing this conversation in their Cave of Leaders, were leaders rule over Clans. We had little Clan but had rules, unlike the other invaders who didn't. I'm Troy, and my partner is actually a Cyndaquil. I saw as Felicia left the area and went to her cave to sleep. I saw this and went to talk to the man. "Why do you hate the Grass Clan?" I asked. "Your an eight-year old kid, you don't know my reasons, so stay back" The man said about to leave. "Can you tell me your name at least" I asked. "The name's Nick, for you" He said leaving. I just continued to my cave and began playing with my Cyndaquil. "Troy, please come a friend of yours wants to see you" My mom yelled out. "Coming" I yelled back. It was Trisha, my best friend since we were kids. "Hey Trisha" I said. "Hello Troy, I brought my partner, Trochic" she said. "That's so cool" I said. "Let's go play" she said. "Ok" I said.
4,993 years ago
Troy's Point of View

Today was my 15th birthday, and I invited everyone to my birthday including Nick and Felicia, but they didn't come. Only a letter I received saying to go to the Cave of Leaders, sent by Felicia. After my party, I decided to head on over to Felicia, only to see her and a few guards greeting me. "Hello, your majesty" I said. "No, call me Felicia" She said in a gentle voice. "Ok, what happened Felicia" I asked. "Here, you need to sign this paper if you accept" she said handing me a paper. I read
Dear Troy
We have been informed you are in a perfect age in joined the Fire Clan Government. We assit of someone as intelligent as you. Felicia has told us about you and some of your acts you have done in your life. We asked you to join and help us grow stronger
-Sincerily Fire Clan Government

"Is this for real" I asked in shock. "Yep, thanks to me and your service to helping others, we have decided that you will join the Council, and help us make rules, do you accept" Felicia said. Who can say no to a pretty lady asking a favor, right?. "Of course, I accept" I said. "Great, you start tomorrow" Felicia said. "Ok, see ya tomorrow" I said leaving home to begin a new day.