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Pokemon Daria's Adventures: Yabell Raiders are Back

by JC111414

JC111414 The Three Rivals are now ready to head to Icecold City only to find out that Yabell Raiders are back, this time with clarify goals.
All three of us headed out only to find those Yabell Raiders again. "Hey, who are you" Kenta yelled. "We are the Yabell Raiders, we have come back with our boss to destroy you guys" They said. The Leader stepped infront of us. "I'm Yuri, I'm the Leader of Yabell Raiders Team, we raid cities and towns that are useless, and we often work for a client that pays the most money to eliminate pest" He said. "Who are you working for now" I asked. "New Team Ice, and they sent us to destroy you, they are headed to Icecold City, which is far away, and you won't make, Go Toxicroak use Poison Jab" Yuri said.
The Toxic Mouth Pokémon
It has a poison sac at its throat. When it croaks, the stored poison is churned for greater potency.

"Go Beedrill use Horn Drill" Kenta said. Both pokemon went head on. "Go Prinplup, use Ice Beam" Hugh said. Toxicroak fainted. "Let's go, we'll finished them off later" Yuri said leaving. "This is were we separate" Kenta said. "Yeah, see ya later" Hugh said. "Bye" I said. I continued west of Emberbrown Town into Route 104. I found Wade falling down in defeat against Bruce. "Well, are you willing to join our group" Bruce claimed. "No, your to weak for me, I travel alone" Wade said, barely standing up. "Hey stop it" I said running towards Wade and helping him get up. "He said he doesn't want to join your group" I said. "Then how about you, Go Glalie use Icy Shard" Bruce said. "Go Lairon use Rock Throw" I said. Glalie did a lot of damage but Lairon didn't listen and fainted. I fell to the ground witnessing my defeat. "How, Lairon" I barely said. "Is over, join me, and together get become stronger" Bruce said. "Leave her alone" Wade stood infront of me. "What are you doing, I can defend myself, you know" I said. "Is ok to feel like you can, but right now, you need me" Wade said. "I'll come back" Bruce said leaving. "Come on let's go to Pillowish town" Wade said trying to make me stand and he noticed I was hurt. "I'll carry you there" Wade said carrying me to Pillowish Town where there was a Hospital.