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by SparkyLewis949

SparkyLewis949 This is a little poem I made for the book Will Grayson, Will Grayson, a book centered around two boys of the same name meeting each other.
Two lives, intertwined
Neither one could understand
For meeting each other that one Chicago night
Was not the others plan.

One boy devoted a song to a girl he had feelings for
But the ages on the fake IDs were different.
Angered at being denied access to the concert
Would soon show to be significant.

The other boy, for once not depressed
Drove through the Chicago lights
On his way to go to a date
With a boy he'd finally meet that night.

Upon arrival to the meeting place
The depressed boy's thoughts were unlike before.
Because instead of meeting his date at a restaurant or movie
The place was a porn store.

Still believing the love of his life awaited him,
He walked into the location.
And in a matter of minutes surprise had taken over him.
Because a boy there was also named Will Grayson.
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