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Welcome To Gravity Falls: A Tribute

by Atlas Uxie

Atlas Uxie Will I ever stop doing Gravity Falls-related things? Probably not, but I made this back in English class for our poetry unit, so it's...a poem. A poem about a really amazing cartoon.
“One step away from Hell”
This town was rumored to be
Blackness covering moonlight and thieving shadows
Will make your head spin dizzily

Embers flying through the rotten air
To roaring dinosaurs frozen in sap
Bloody zombies covet as handsome teenagers
And a salty touch will be jolted with one tap

One monstrous demon with an enormous eye
Secret images reflected on his slender body
He was a nightmare master, and appeared small
Was the watchful eye over the town, a loved hobby

Exaggerated moans burned the sky,
Faded eyes fired with terror
Cold winds crashed with sneaking narrow breezes
And scarred trees tapered with the splinters of error

That’s when the sensation hits you;
This town is not marked as beautiful
Wild-eyed ghosts crowded around their slashed corpses
And a thousand flies appear at a distance, very dutiful

As you recognize the angry flowing rivers
And clever deer preyed, spitting soapy water
The defeat that followed was wrongly backwards
And gnarled bushes rolled, shuddering faster and faster

As the sun rises over the horizon
Remember to abide the rules by houses’ walls
If you’re the next victim to stop,
“Welcome to Gravity Falls.”