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Pokemon ORAS 2: Regigigas is Awoken: Uriel vs Lenny (Regigigas Battle)

by JC111414

JC111414 Uriel and Cynthia are head on with Regigigas and its Regis. Will they stop them
What does Lenny want from Uriel.
"We must stop Regigigas, Go Garchomp" Cynthia said. "Go Abomasnow" I said. Regigigas was there in Slow Start. "Garchomp and Abomasnow, MEGA EVOLVE" Cynthia and I went head on. Regigigas did Earthquake. Rigent began to leave and so did the Regis to their homeland. Miracle heard the chaos from she stood as Rigent escaped and so did the Regis. The Temple began to fall apart. "Abomasnow use Blizzard, Garchomp use Dragon Pulse" We both said. Regigigas took does hits like a boss and barely moved. He gave a giant step and the whole Temple began falling. The City shook over and over the steps of the giant Colossal Pokémon. "Quick, Uriel use this" Cynthia said giving me a Master Ball. "Capture it, the World won't end if you do, it would end if you leave it to roam over it" Cynthia said. "Go MASTER BALL" I said. The Colossal Pokémon entered the pokeball and it stook three times until it finally stayed in. "Yes, we saved the world" I said. "Yep, we did" Cynthia nodded. We continued to walk towards Miracle and her airplane, only to see her in shock. "Are you telling me a 12 years caught a Legend" She said in surprise. "That's me" I said. "Anyways, Lenny called from New Hoenn, he wants to meet you in Birch Labs in Root City" Miracle said. "Ok, take us there" I said. Miracle, Cynthia and I went from Sinnoh to New Hoenn to find Root Airport. I quickly got down and went to the Final Floor and I saw Prof. Birch and Lenny talking and Birch left. "Welcome, I want to challenge the New Champion of New Hoenn, Let's go" Lenny said. "Go Gardevoir, Go Heliolisk. Gardevoir use Psychic, Heliolisk use Thunder. Both Pokémon fainted. "Return, go Dusclops, Return, Go Sharpedo. Dusclops Thunder Punch, Sharpedo fainted. Go Metagross use Shadow Punch. Dusclops fainted. Return, Go Crawdaunt use Dark Pulse. Metagross fainted. Return, Go Monferno use Thunder Punch. Crawdaunt fainted but so did Monferno. Go Cacturne, Go Manectric. Cacturne quick use Dark Pulse. Manectric fainted. Go Swalot use Poison Jab. Cacturne fainted. Return, Go Medicham use Psychic. Swalot fainted. Return, Go Altaria. ALTARIA & and MEDICHAM MEGA EVOLVE. MEDICHAM USE ICE PUNCH, ALTARIA USE DRACO METEOR. Huge Explosions came from the Top Floors as it all began to come down. "What happening" Miracle asked. "A battle of Ages" Prof. Birch answered. Both pokemon fainted. "Who won" I asked Lenny. "We both did, I wanted to show you something in Lil City" Lenny said. "Let's go then" I said. Miracle, Lenny and I went into the Airplane and went to Lil City. "What's this" I asked once we landed there. "This is the International Detectives Tower" Miracle said. "We are training you to be like Miracle, and solve crimes in other regions" Lenny said. "I'm heading to Sinnoh, Lenny stays in New Hoenn, and you will go to Yabell once you are well trained" Miracle said. "Ok, let's begin" This will take years to practice" Miracle said. "I'm ready"
Two Years Later
"Sweet heart, wake up, Melanie is downstairs waiting for you" Mom said. "Ok, I'll be there in no time" I said waking up. I went downstairs with everypack. "I'm ready" I said kissing Melanie and my mom goodbye. I went outside with Melanie were Miracle was waiting to take me to Yabell. "We are we living" I asked. "This place" She said giving me a Tour Guide of a town called Emberbrown Town. We got into the plane and went there. That same day three young people were starting their journeys in Yabell as well. Those being Daria, Kenta and Hugh.
The End
Or is it?!