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Pokemon ORAS 2: Regigigas is Awoken: Trouble in Norman's Town

by JC111414

JC111414 Uriel, just came to Hoenn, and now it is time for the Fate in Norman's Town
I battled many trainers in Route 102. I then made it to Norman's Town, where I saw those random trainers that were dressed Icy Blue. They then began to burn down the Forest that the Town made. Houses were on fire. "Hey, stopped it" I yelled. Then a group of grunts came to me. "So, you interrupt us" said one of the grunts. "You have guts" another grunt said. There were two of them. Then Gabriel came out of nowhere and said "He's not alone". "Thanks" I said. "GO Meditite" "GO Sandshrew" we both said. "GO Golbats" both grunts said. "Golbat use Air Cutter" "Dodge it, Meditite" I yelled. "Sanshrew use Sand Tomb on Golbat" Gabriel said. "Meditite use Confusion" I said and I took down one Golbat. "Sand Tomb" Gabriel said and then he took out the other Golbat. "Let's go" an lady with blue hair came and said. "Forget this town, lets hit somewhere else" she said and they left. "Well, thanks" I said to Gabriel and then he left. "Hey you, wanna battle" a trainer yelled from the other side of the town. "Sure" I said. The whole town was destroyed by then. "Go Meditite" I said. "Go Magby" he said. "Magby use Ember" "DODGE" but Meditite couldn't dodge it. "Meditite use Mach Punch" I said. "DODGE and use Ember" he said. Magby dodge and hit a perfect shot. "Game Over for you, Magby use Ice Punch" he said and that took care of me. "How..." I got to say. "I'm Mark, and I'll win against anyone" he said and left. The whole town was destroyed. The Gym survived and I decided to go for it...