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Pokemon ORAS 2: Regigigas is Awoken: Tree City Meeting

by JC111414

JC111414 Uriel, Gabriel, Mark, and Melanie are met in Winona's house with Brendan, Flannery and Winona to stop the incoming chaos from both Team Ice and Team Rock, while also being accompany by a new comer from a region not that far away.
All four met with Brendan. "You all know the crisis that we have" Brendan began. "You all know, we need to stop it" Brendan continue. "Here, each one of you will have a Mega Bracelet" Brendan say giving us each one of us one. "While working at Devon, I made copies of the original giving to me Five years ago by Steve Stone" Brendan said. "Thanks" I said putting it on. "This is awesome" Gabriel said. "Here are the Mega Stones for, Medicham (Uriel), Alakazam (Gabriel), Scizor (Mark), and Manectric (Melanie)" Brendan said giving them out to each of us. "Hey, Brendan, we will need your help" I said. "That's no problem, cause I'm behind all four of you" he said. "Flannery and Winona are going to help the citizens of Tree City, Lil City and Norman's Town, which are prime places of recent Team Ice and Team Rock activity" Brendan said. "Sure" Flannery said. "No Problem" Winona said. "What about us" I asked. "I'll divide you guys into groups, Uriel and Melanie head on to Desert Ruins in Route 111, and stop Team Rock, Gabriel and Mark head on to Island Cave in Route 104, near Norman's Town" Brendan said. "Thanks, you sure know your thing" I said. "Believe it or not, I have been studying under Prof. Birch, who has study legends with Cynthia recently" Brendan said. "Legends say that when the Regi Trio are put together in a single location, they will open a gate to Regigigas in the Sinnoh Region" Brendan said. "Your, correct my student" A voice was heard coming inside. It was Cynthia. "I came, because not only your 'New Hoenn' is in danger, but our Sinnoh Region will be as well if all Three Regis are joined together, to awaken Regigigas" Cynthia said. "I have come to help" she finished. "Great, we need all the help we can get" Brendan said. "Let's exchange numbers with Cynthia and then we can talk over the phone" I said. "Ok, if get separated then we call each other" Cynthia said giving us her number. Brendan got out a map of New Hoenn and began making lines and circles. "I'll go with Gabriel and Mark, because we fit together, and Cynthia, you go with the love couple" Brendan said. "Hey" Melanie said. "So, they are together" Cynthia said with her hand on her chin. "We aren't together" Melanie said blushing. "Hehe, well, I'll go with them, to watch them" Cynthia said laughing a bit. "Well, let's move guys" Brendan said and we all moved out. Flannery and Winona and her friends help guard the cities by the help of Porto, while Gabriel, Mark and Brendan went to Island Cave, and Melanie, Cynthia and I went to Desert Ruins...