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To be a Master: To be a Master part 1

by bluehedgehog

bluehedgehog Part 1 of a story loosely based on the Pokemon sun and moon games about three trainer starting there Pokemon journey all three main characters are from different regions and have a Pokemon from that region as there starter, (and no they are not one of the starters Pokemon from those regions) one trainer wants to be the best like no one ever was, another wants to entertain the people, and the last one dose her best to keep the other two in line (one more than the other) and stop the likes of the teams skull rocket magma aqua plasma galactic and flare from getting there way
To Be A Master

Region: Alola
Island: Melemele
location: Hau'oli outskirts
(A seven-teen year old male with short black spiky hair dressed in blue jeans, black sneakers and a cobalt blue t-shirt with "You don't have enough bags to train me!" written across the chest is moving boxes out of a moving truck in to a house along with a man in his late forties with well kept grey hair and dark blue jeans and a dark grey t-shirt)
Grey haired man (putting down a box and opening a can of soda): So Markus do you think your mother is going to be pissed when she finds out we are not coming back from our quote unquote vacation to Jhoto? (tosses a soda can to Markus)
Markus (catching the soda can and opening it): Dad (Peter) when is she not pissed?
Peter: True and that is why we came to Alola where the grass is green...
Markus: ...and the the girls are pretty. (looks around) Ummm... dad have you seen hero?
peter: Hero? Your Ralts?
Markus yeah he was here a minute ago.
Peter: he couldn't have gone far, i'll stick around here and keep and eye out he might be in the truck or in the house.
Markus: Or he might have wandered into town, i'm going to look for him there. (jogs off in the direction of Iki town)
30 minutes later...
location: Iki town
Markus (walking around town): how has no one herd or seen a Ralts its not like they are rare in Hoenn or... something...(spots a seven teen year old man with short black messy hair dressed in a green zip up hoodie blue jeans black and green shoes and a white scarf with a Pachirisu on his shoulder) yo dude you seen a Ralts around here?
guy with Pachirisu: a Ralts?
Markus: you know about (gesturing to his knee) knee high green and white with (pointing to his forehead and making a hornlike gesture) a red fin like horn on his head and probably looking for trouble.
Winter: short and green? no sorry but if its looking for trouble try the ruins of conflict just north of here. the name is winter by the way.
Markus: The names Markus me and my dad just moved here to the island and you said north of here (pointing east with his thumb)
Winter (pointing north): yeah just up that road, i'll see you around and welcome to the island, Alola.
Markus: yeah Lola Bunny to you too. (runs off in the direction of the ruins)
Winter (watches Markus run off then looks at his Pachirisu): should i heaved mentioned the bridge leading to the ruins is not that sturdy? We should go after him to make sure he doesn't die. (runs off after Markus)
location: bridge leading to ruins of conflict
(As Markus arrives at the bridge he finds a girl who looks like she as not eat in a few months in a dirty black tank top and dirty blue jeans with dirty blond hair that comes down between her shoulders with a Cubone fighting a large flock of Spearows and behind them is Markus' Ralts)
Markus (running on to the bridge swatting at the Spearows) why do you always go out of your way to find trouble hero!?
Girl with dirty blond hair: This green thing his yours?
Markus: its called a Ralts (ducks to avoid a Spearow pecking his head) yeah the little trouble maker is mine.
Girl with dirty blond hair: for a trouble maker he very protective little guy your Ralts jumped in just as these Spearow stated attacking us.
Markus (shielding his head with his arms):they have us cornered we need to get off this bridge Hero clear us a path!
(just as hero fines clearing a path back across the bridge hero leads the girl and her cubone but before Markus can follow them winter and his pachirisu arrive at the bridge)
winter (running on the bridge as hero the girl and her Cubone get off the bridge): come on Theodore! (getting about half way to Markus) Use discharge!
(Theodore jumps off winter's shoulder uses discharge electrocuting the Spearows Markus and winter destroying the bridge causing Markus and winter to fall into the river in the chasm below as Theodore lands safely next to hero)
dirty blond-haired girl (looking down chasm): i hope those two are okay.
location: river bed
Markus (pulling winter out of the river by the hood of his hoodie onto the sore): Hey (tapping the side of winter's face with his open hand) wake up (slaps winter's face as hard as he can) wake up snowflake! (slaps winter's face again)
winter (waking up): AAAAHHHH!
Markus: way to go stupid! thanks to you we are in the middle of nowhere without any Pokémon!
winter (standing up): relax I know a short cut back to town. (starts walking)
Markus: Great now I have to find Hero again!
a few hours later...
(Markus is throwing rocks a winter as he walks behind winter)
Winter: would you please stop throwing rocks at me!
Markus (holding rocks in his arm and throwing them at winter with the other): NO! You said you knew a short cut but we have been walking for hours! That and I found a bunch of these weird stones and figured why not use them for something.
location: route 1 near Iki town
(Markus and Winter emerge from the bushes a little ways from town Markus still throwing rocks at winter as they are spotted by a guy in a lab coat)
guy in lab coat: Hey Hala! i found the boys! (waves to a older tan grey haired man with a mustache dressed in a yellow shirt with white flowers on it and white shorts to come over to him)
winter: professor Kukui sorry to make everyone worry (gets hit in the back of the head with a rock by Markus) Ow! wait how did you guys know we where missing?
Hala (standing next to professor Kukui): It's good to see you two are safe and if it wasn't for that girl jade and her Cubone you two helped on the bridge leading to the ruins of conflict we would have never known you where missing.
girl from the bridge (running over to Markus and winter hugging and shaking them): thank Arceus you two are okay!
Markus (dropping the last of the rocks and pushing away from the girl): yeah that is all good and dandy but who are you people and where is my Ralts?
Hala: you must be Markus, you and your father just moved here. allow me to introduce my self i am the kahuna of this island its kind of like being a mayor for a town but for a whole island.
Jade: right i didn't get to introduce my self earlier my name is Jade and this is my Cubone shadow.
Proffesor Kukui and i am...
Markus: yeah no one cares doc. now where is my Ralts he is short green and probably terrorizing small children.
Hala: relax he is at home with your father. Winter's Pachirisu and your Ralts kept fighting so we left them with your parents also i'm going to need to take these rocks you found. (Starts picking up the rocks Markus dropped)
Markus: well i'm going home than. (starts walking in the direction of his home)
Winter: i'll walk you home Jade.
Jade (nervously): Yeah about that... i'm kind of a runaway form Kanto and don't have a home here.
Markus (stopping in his tracks and turning to face Jade) wait so your essentially homeless?
Professor Kukui: you can stay with me at my lab with my assistant Lillie.
Jade (nervously): uh... well... um...
Markus (walking over to Jade wrapping an arm around her and directing her toward his house): come on jade we are going home.
Jade: wait what?
Markus: look do you really want to stay with doctor shirtless or the guy who came to your aid on that bridge? now i have some spare pillows and blankets at my place plus my dad would kill me if i didn't do what could to help you know come on.
Jade: really?
Markus: On top of that Hero would't have helped you if he didn't like you, now lets go.
location: inside Markus' home
Markus (opening and walking through the front door with jade behind him): Yo! Dad i'm home!
Peter (cooking food in the kitchen): about time you got back.
Markus: wow dad really feeling the love here dad.
Peter (cooking): don't get me wrong i was worried but i could leave you alone on a deserted island with a pocket knife and you could build a shopping mall...(sees jade behind Markus) and who is this?
Markus (stepping to the left so peter can see jade better): this is Jade she is the girl me and hero where trying to save from being killed by some Spearows and she needs a place to stay so i told her she could stay here.
Peter (cooking): nice to meet you Jade let me get you something to eat you look like you haven't eaten in a long while.
jade: thank you sir and not to sound rude but this is weird. i'm not used to being treated so nicely.
Peter (cooking): let me guess your a runaway?
Jade: how could you tell?
Peter (cooking): The condition of your cloths i would also guess your not from Alola plus you seem very jumpy, nervous and as i mentioned a minute ago you look under fed. i would also assume your home life was less than glamorous.
Jade: You a cop or something?
Peter (cooking): No i'm not a cop though that probably would have been a better use of my talents. so where are you from?
Jade: i'm from Kanto and you are right my home life was not good so as soon as i had enough money to get a ticket to anywhere i jumped at it and left lavender town far behind me, its been just me and my cubone shadow ever since.
Markus: how long ago was that?
Jade: About four months ago.
Markus (sitting at the dining room table): that sucks jade why don't you take my room i crash on the couch you could use a soft bed to sleep on.
Jade (nervously): Really?Well... okay thank you...
Peter (serving food): now that that is settled you and shadow are getting and extra plate of food jade.
Jade: Wait... but i'm...
Peter (sitting to eat): don't argue with me and eat young lady.
Jade (sitting to eat embarrassed): Yes sir.
a few days later...
jade (no longer looking malnourished and in cleaner cloths walking out of Markus' room with shadow) Wow these last few nights are some of the best night sleeps i have ever had in my life.
Peter (drinking coffee): so you really are a early riser unlike my son on the cough over there (points to Markus sleeping on the couch) you have gotten up early every day since you started staying here.
Jade (getting a cup of coffee): don't for get Markus' Ralt there on the floor. (points to Hero sleeping on the floor)
Professor Kukui (coming through the front door with a blonde girl in a white dress white sun hat and duffel bag behind him): ALOLA COUSINS!
Peter (throwing his cup of coffee at the professor): Holy Arceus! who goes there!?
Professor Kukui (screaming form having the hot coffee thrown at him) AAAAAAAHHH!! (rolling around in pain)
Lillie (stepping out form behind the professor): He must have forgotten you guys are still new here saying "Alola" is a greeting here. i'm Lille by the way the professor's assistant. (fights with something in her duffel bag)
Jade (drinking coffee): That is just weird. (gives some coffee to Shadow)
Peter (getting a new cup of coffee): Sorry about that doc I forgot you where coming over this morning you said you needed to talk to Markus and Jade about something.
Lillie: the kahuna wanted us to tell you he has something for you three.
Jade: three?
Lillie: Yes you, Markus and winter.
Peter: alright let the kahuna know Markus and jade will be there after the boy wakes up in about an hour or so.
an hour and a half later...
location: Iki town
Winter: Hey guys! Markus aren't you hot in that jacket?
Markus (now wearing a beat up brown leather jacket): sup snow flake. Nope not in the slightest.
Jade: Alola... wow that feels weird to say as a greeting.
Hala: well now that you three are here i would like to give each of you something...
Markus (cutting off the kahuna): bring on the free stuff!
Jade (punching Markus in the stomach): don't be rude!
Winter: don't keep us waiting?
Hala: like i said i "would" like to give you something... but you have to earn it first.
Jade: earn it how?
Hala: by battling each other and whom ever has the most wins gets to fight me first and if you beat me then you can have your prize.
Winter: why do we have to battle each other?
Hala: That is just to decide the order you three will face me.
Markus: fair enough (sends out hero) alright who wants to fight me first? (sees jade and shadow battling Winter and Theodore) okay than i guess we play the waiting game.
(shortly after jade beat winter but both Jade and winter who both lose to Markus)
Hala: Okay Markus lets see how you fair against my fighting type Pokemon!
Markus hate to break it to you but hero is a physic and fairy type dude.
Hala: Ah... well too late to back out now.
(Markus beats Hala with little too no effort jade and winter have a little rougher time beating Hala)
Hala: Seeing as all three of you beat me i would like to give each of you your own z-ring and first z-crystal.
Jade: A "Z" what?
Winter: i heard about these a z-ring allows a Pokemon holding a z-crystal or wearing it to use special moves when you make a special pose.
Markus: in English please.
Hala: preform the pose and your Pokemon preforms a special move. on top of that z-rings are also given to trainers at the start of there island trials.
jade: what is an island trail?
professor Kukui: It's kind of like gym challenges in other regions.
Markus: Really!?
Proffecor Kukui: yes and no-ish. we don't have an elite four yet and we have more than eight badges or in our case z-crystals to collect.
Winter: shouldn't our first trial have been at the trainer school?
professor Kukui: Normally yes but that is a long walk from here and the kahuna wanted to be the first to test you three.
Hala: oh right i still have to show you the pose for your z-crystal. (preforms the pose for fightium Z)
Winter (wide eyed): cool!
Jade (rolling her eyes): okay then...
Markus: i'm not doing that.
Lillie: you three... (fights with something in her duffel bag) you three should head towards the trainer school for your next trail if you want to continue taking the island trail that is.
Jade: I got nothing better to do so why not.
Winter: travel around all the islands of Alola and learn more cool poses... I'm in!
Markus (whining): But i don't want to go to school!
Jade (grabbing Markus by the collar and starts dragging him): Come on Markus your coming with us until i find away to repay you for letting me crash at your place.
Markus (being dragged by Jade): Not cool jade! (sends out Hero) Hero help me!( Hero jumps onto Markus' head then jumps on jades shoulder) Come on man i thought we where cool!?

to be continued in part 2....