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Pokemon ORAS 2: Regigigas is Awoken: Third Elimination (Clash of Rivals)

by JC111414

JC111414 Uriel and Mark have always been rivals, since Mark beat Uriel back at Norman's Town, Uriel has been wanting to challenge Mark in the Regional Championships

Uriel has made it to Ever Grande Stadium, barely in time, as he struggles to win in the Third Elimination, against his biggest Rival, Mark...
"Welcome, to the Third Round Elimination" Brendan. "On one side we have the boy that came from the Kalos Region, ready to defied New Hoenn, URIEL!" Brendan says as I enter. "On the other side we have, a rookie trainer from Rusty City, deidecated to challenge even the highest ranks, MARK" Brendan says as Mark enters. "Let the Match BEGIN" Brendan says. "Mark goes first" Brendan said. "GO Shiftry, ready for action" "GO Monferno, use Fire Punch, DODGE and use Dark Pulse. Shiftry managed to dodge but Dark Pulse didn't affect Monferno as much. Return, Magmar use Fire Blast, Monferno you too!!!Both Monferno and Magmar managed to knockout each other. "IT'S EVEN" Brendan shoouts out. Return, GO Shiftry, GO Metagross. Shiftry use Dark Pulse, DODGE and use Meteor Mash. Metagross used Meteor Mash, and Shiftry managed to knock it out. Return, GO Medicham use Fire Punch. Medicham managed to beat Shiftry. Return, GO Scizor. MEDICHAM MEGA EVOLVE, SCIZOR MEGA EVOLVE. Both pokemon mega evolve. MEDICHAM USE FIRE BLACK, SCIZOR USE X-SCISSORS. Both pokemon when on one on one ad almost fainted but Medicham managed to stand up and Scizor fainted. "The Winner is URIEL" Brendan shout out and the crowd went wild.

"Uriel, there's one last challenger" Brendan said. "Let's make a warm welcome to HOLLY" Brendan said as Holly walk. "Let the Battle Begin" Brendan said. "GO Metagross, GO Liepard use Dark Pulse. Liepard managed to move first and knockout Metagross. Return, GO Medicham use Mach Punch. Medicham managed to beat Liepard. Return, GO Sylveon use Dazzling Gleam. Medicham use Poison Jab. Medicham managed to move first and knockout Sylveon as well. Return, GO Stoutland use Giga Impact, Medicham use Mach Punch. Medicham managed to move first and Holly lost. Congrats. "GIVE AN AROUND OF APPLUSE FOR OUR VICTOR THAT WILL BE PROCEEDING ON TO THE FOURTH ROUND, URIEL" Brendan said shouting it out to the crowd.

Fourth Round Elimination
Uriel vs Melanie
Whoever wins fights Brendan.
"I'm fighting my GIRLFRIEND" I said almost chocking in my food...