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Ore:His Lucario Life: The Two Legendaries

by CloudLine64

CloudLine64 Chapter 7
Taylor's chapter will come next!
When Ore woke up,he saw a Deoxys beside him.He grumbled,knowing the pokemon was sent by the Darkrai.
"What do you want?"he growled,the Deoxys shrugged,
"Why are you making a big fuss about it?"it asked.Ore got out of bed,facing the pokemon who was much taller than him.He snarled,
"I told Darkrai,I don't want anything to do with the legendaries. I am just a simple pokemon."Ore turned away from the legendary.
"Ore,it's not your choice anymore,neither was it mine.Though,you still have one choice of saying,and that's which side you will join.That,is up to you.I am not allowed to decide,neither is it Darkrai's,or any other legendary.Please,understand that it is up to you to decide what side you will join.Soon enough,you will see another side as well,I was not here to convince you,Darkrai sent me to warn you.I sense the other side is going to be here soon,I better-"the Deoxys was interrupted by a bright light.
"Oh no."Deoxys mumbled,a Lugia soon enough appeared.The Deoxys sighed as the Lugia basked in the last of its light.
"Ah,Chrono,it seems like you have found our Lucario."it grinned at Ore,which made the Lucario shutter. Chrono stepped in front of Ore,
"Leave him alone,Jinx,he is to decide which side he will join."Chrono snapped.
The Lugia,known as Jinx,howled back in laughter,
"FOOL!!!He is to join us,just as prophecy said.Remember,the deal we made you were told about?You weren't here at the time,Chrono,and I have to say,they should have you on their side.They were...too easy."Jinx snickered. Chrono scowled,knowing the deal he had heard about,
"Still,I will not take that option away from him.It would be unfair,and he would be forced into labor I hate to think about.So,I have asked my Council if he could have a choice,and they said yes.I also was able to contact your Council,and they said yes.So,Ore is able to decide."Chrono finished.Jinx became angry,Ore was silent,he now knew which side he would choose.