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Ultimate Fists!: The Roaring Thunder vs The Silent Force

by Hecotoro

Hecotoro Raito vs Maya!
Maya walked down the street after a long day of training. It was odd though, she was feeling full of energy and couldn´t wait to go back to the dojo the next day. She had learned to do a basic Force Palm, but her master said that it was a move that could surpass all other fighting attacks if trained correctly. She was excited to have begun such special training. This might be the power she needed to save her people.
She continued towalk down the street, concentrated on her daydream of saving everyone. She was passing by when she heard a loud noise coming from a broken window. She peeked inside and saw an Electivire standing over an Infernape.

¨Raito is the name! You best remember that!¨ The Electivire yelled as he kicked the Infernape to the side.

The Infernape rose, breathing heavily and sweating. ¨Is that all you got? I´m just getting started!¨

Maya figured the electric Pokemon was causing trouble and the Infernape was trying to stop him. She jumped through the window. ¨Hey! The one who calls himself Raito... why don´t you pick on someone your own size?¨ She took her Force Palm fighting stand.

Raito looked around. ¨There isn´t no one of my size! But... I never back down from a challenge!¨ Raito charged both his fist with electricity and charged at the Medicham.

Maya took a deep breath and concentrated. Everything seemed to be in slow motion. She could see the enemy slowly approaching her. She figured touching his fist or the wires coming from his back would electrecute her. She did not have brute force like he did, so she had to to land one strong hit. She kept watching him, as soon as he decided which punch he would use, she would attack that side. Now, what to do about the wires? She needed to distract them. Raito stepped closer, he was now moving his right arm towards Maya, which ment that he was going to punch with his right fist. Maya shot a quick glance at the left fist, it had no more electricity. This ment that the electricity had traveled to the right fist, which was now closer to her, just a few inches away.

Maya stepped to the side, just in time to dodge the thunderpunch. She saw as the punch just glaced her face. Just as expected, the wires reached for her, but she was prepared. She raised her left arm, the wires wrapped around it. But, at the same time they pulled, she did also, keeping her on the ground. Raito´s guard was down. She yelled as she slammed her fist into the abdomen of the Electivire.

Raito roared as he was sent flying towards the back wall and smashed against it. He still managed to land on his feet. He looked at Maya, he was impressed. ¨This is going to be one hell of a fight!¨
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