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Pokemon ORAS 2: Regigigas is Awoken: The Moss City Mystery

by JC111414

JC111414 Uriel has discovered that Moss City has become a mess since Steven disappear five years ago... They decide to head on to the next city, for the final badge.
I went to the gym and saw this sign
Gym closed by the New Hoenn Regional League. Gym Transferred to Soot City (Sootopolis City)
"Nice, better get moving" I said. "Well, your late sweetheart" A familiar voice appeared. I turned around. "Well, isn't it, my girlfriend, what are you doing here" I said. "All your friends have left for Soot City, and I thought to wait for you" Melanie said. "Thanks, let's go" I said. "Alright" She said. We started walking and she asked. "Caught anything lately" Melanie asked. "Why yes, Go Beldum" I said. "How cute" she said. "Yeah, Rerturn, what about you" I asked. "Why yes, I have, Go Snorunt" she said. "Nice, I like it" I said. "Return, yeah its pretty" Melanie said. We continue walking and then surf to Soot City. We found Brendan. "What happened to Moss Gym" I asked after we sat down. "Steven disappeared after we had our battle and never came back to Devon nor Moss City. Mr. Stone died, and I took over Devon and transferred it to Lil City" Brendan said. "What happened to the city" Melanie asked. "Well, they gave up hopes on Steve ever coming back, closed down the Gym, and most people left the city, only few stayed to pray for Steven" Brendan said. "Really, I wonder what happen" I said. "Anyways, how has your journey been" Brendan said. "One more badge" I said. "Great, I'm off to Ever Grande City Stadium and wait for the 16 trainer" Brendan said. "Hope to see you there" Brendan said. "You will" I said.