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The Legend of Dusk and Dawn

by NightRaven

NightRaven (Yes, I know, it took me such a long time to actually make a Pokemon story. Heh... Not even I can believe it! Anyways, a few weeks ago [like at least 5] I was thinking about Pokemon and how I could make a story out of it. I finally decided to use my idea for a story but I didn't have the region named. Well, the region is basically all of them combined, but, then again, without a name; I'll just go on without a name until I finally come up with one.
In this story, characters will not use Pokemon moves, it'll just be like a normal battle; but some attacks may represent moves, however.)

An Eevee has found herself in a different region where Pokemon roam without trainers. Little does she know, the region is split in half due to constant war between two sides; Dusk and Dawn. She wants to end the seemingly endless battle, but she feels powerless against them. Fighting constantly for what side she has chosen, she searches for an end to the war so the region may be at peace once more. Will she be able to end the war, or will it forever continue?
An Eevee found herself in a forest. Slowly getting up, she wandered around, hoping she was alone. The rustle of a bush caught her attention and she whipped around. She prepared herself for an enemy, but nothing happened. She continued to wander the area, until something leapt at her.
She tried to avoid it, but it pinned her to the ground, staring at her with bright yellow eyes. "Woah! Midnight! Calm yourself!" A voice scolded. The thing growled and backed away from the Eevee. "She seemed like an enemy, Sol." 'Midnight' muttered. Midnight? Sol? The Eevee thought, confused.
She soon saw what had struck her more clearly; a Shiny Umbreon. She assumed that was Midnight and she was right. Soon, an Espeon appeared, who she knew was Sol. "Are you okay, young one?" Sol asked, staring down at the Eevee. Eevee stared up at her nervously and nodded.
"I'm Sol and the Umbreon is Midnight." The Espeon introduced herself and Midnight. "I'm...Amber." The Eevee responded. "Follow us. We'll take you to the nearest town." Sol said and with that, she bounded away, Midnight close behind. Amber followed quickly, hoping it was actually close. Soon, they came across a rather large looking town with Pokemon roaming silently.
Amber noticed the town was half destroyed, buildings that have collapsed, fallen trees... "What happened here?" Amber asked. "This is Faile (Wow, brilliant name)...the town was destroyed when we were attacked." Midnight sighed. "This region is split in two by a border between two groups; Dusk and Dawn. The 'Dusk side' of the region is where everything is kinda...dark, and the Pokemon there are our enemies. We are on the 'Dawn side' of the region. A group of Flying Pokemon attacked, taking away some of the Pokemon for their own...and now, most Pokemon here have moved far away." Sol explained. Amber pinned her ears back.
"Wow..." She whispered. A thin looking Pikachu glanced at Amber, Sol, and Midnight. "Can you please...help us..?" It asked, it's voice weak. "I....For as of now...no. I'm sorry." Sol responded. The Pikachu nodded and slowly wandered the town.
"Everyone! Run! We're being attacked!" A Houndoom howled loudly, warning the Pokemon around him. They instantly fled the town, other Pokemon that seem to defend the town helping. "Of course, the town is right on the border! No wonder it gets attacked so often!" Sol said nervously. While the Pokemon evacuated, others attacked. A Raichu lunged at Amber, electricity going to it's tail which was raised for an attack.
Sol pushed Amber out of the way in time and so the Raichu got it's tail stuck in the ground. "Hurry! Go with the others to Silverstorme, one of the largest cities on our side!" Sol instructed and Amber was about to respond, but Midnight grabbed her by the scruff and ran. Amber watched as the Pokemon relentlessly fought, her amber eyes wide in fear. Midnight soon separated from the other Pokemon who were rushing to Silverstorme. Amber seemed confused, but followed anyways.
  1. NightRaven
    That one awkward moment o-o wow. I just noticed that xD This title could relate to many things (and if it relates to anyone, it's not meant in a bad way). Coincidence (I actually did that on purpose. Heh.). I suppose so, my friend. xD
    Mar 1, 2016
  2. NocturnalNetwork
    Dusk and Dawn.
    Dusk 'Til Dawn.
    Feb 28, 2016
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  3. NightRaven
    As always, this will take quite some time, so don't be surprised if it suddenly stops. xD Remember; if there are any errors, it's because I type too quickly to catch up—but when it comes to Pokemon names, it's because I might not quite remember the Pokemon as well as I used to as I haven't played a Pokemon game in a long time.
    Feb 28, 2016