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The Kalos Elite 4 (Pokecharms Flash Challenge entry)

by TheBanetteLover123

TheBanetteLover123 And entry for the Flash challenge and A story about a boy who beats the Elite 4.
"Go, Infernape!" A red haired girl yelled. "This is my last Pokemon but will you be able to beat me, Malva?" "You bet! Gallade, Psycho Cut!" A young boy yelled. The Gallade lept behind the Infernape quickly and used its attack. "Very well," Malva said. "You may face the champion. She pressed a button on the wall and the boy, whose name was Oscar heard rumbling. He went outside and saw a door had opened. He went in and stepped on the elevator. As he went up he looked at his team that helped him get so far. Gallade, Gardevoir, Banette, Greninja, Hawlucha, and Vespiquen. "Well guys," he said to his companions. "Here we are." The elevator rose into a beautiful room filled with stained glass. "D-Diantha?! Your the champion?!" He said as lights illuminated a single person "Yes. You have shown great courage in beating Lysandre. Let our battle begin now." She sent out Hawlucha while Gallade got sent out too. "Psycho Cut!" Gallade leaped behind Hawlucha and swiped at it and Hawlucha fainted. A few Pokemon later Diantha was down to her last. "Go Gardevoir!" Gallade tried to use Psycho cut but Gardevoir anticipated it and Diantha quickly gave her command. "Moonblast!" It was just an attack-switch until Oscar got to his last Pokemon. "Go Gardevoir!" Both Mega evolved and the only way you could tell the difference is Oscar had a shiny Gardevoir. "Moonblast!" "Thunderbolt!" "Fire Punch!" "Dazzling Gleam!" It went on until both only had a bit of strength left. "Poison Jab!" Diantha's Gardevoir fainted. Oscar waited in silence after reviving his and Diantha's Pokemon. He bit his nails as he waited for the words. "Congratulations, You are Kalos' new champion!" "Yes!" He said. "But I couldn't have done it without you guys!" He turned to his team and gave them hugs. (Ending was cheesy sorry!)
  1. TheBanetteLover123
    I learned I'm bad it fanfics the hard way :(
    Nov 30, 2014