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The Johnny Test Losing Spree Explained

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox Johnny and Dukey have both lost their battles. What about future JT vs. SB contenders?
In Johnny Test vs. SpongeBob, Johnny lost horribly. In Dukey vs. Patrick, Dukey died terribly. Now, future battles(Bling Bling vs. Mr. Krabs, Mr. Test vs. Squidward, Mary and Susan vs. Sandy) may continue the SpongeBob winning spree.

The reason Johnny loses is because SpongeBob is unpredictable, stronger, faster and doesn't rely on gadgets.
The reason Dukey lost is because Patrick is very strong and durable.
Also, Johnny is weak and stupid, and Dukey only has some strengths.
Johnny against SpongeBob was only made because they have very popular cartoons and are brave and energetic.
Patrick vs. Dukey was made because both characters were Johnny and SpongeBob's sidekick and both were calm and somewhat stupid. Also they screw a lot of things up for their friends.

Now, in case you still say SpongeBob is stupid and should've lost, let me ask you something.
Who survived the power of a God? SpongeBob.
Who defeated a entire city of mind controlled fish? SpongeBob.
Who ran from a large mountain to the Krusty Krab in 3 seconds?
Shall I go on, or are you already convinced?
Johnny relies to much on gadgets and Dukey is a twig compared to Patrick.¨
Patrick can lift the entire Krusty Krab, a City and a 100 ton granite rock.

Thank you for reading. I hope you look forward to Mr. Krabs vs. Bling Bling Boy, coming December 2nd.