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The Goal

by Sasha the Eevee Master

Sasha the Eevee Master This is my week 5 English homework.
It was sharp,
It was long and lasted all day long,
It was determination and fun,
It was loyalty,
It was just for me,

Maybe it was also a hobby,
Maybe it was a an assignment,
Maybe a lie or a truth never to die,
Was it real or just a seal?
Or maybe a false reality.

Can I get there,
Can I live there,
Can I work there,
Can I participate there,
Can I enjoy it there,
What is there?
Impossible or Possible is the question.

Do I know what will happen when I achieve it or will I leave it?
All I know is.
It’s a goal.
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  1. Sasha the Eevee Master
    Mar 4, 2016
  2. Sasha the Eevee Master
    Sasha the Eevee Master
    Thank you. It took me 10 minutes to come up with. I had written a poem for my creepypasta OC. Rag Doll. But I need to rewrite it because I lost it. :@
    Mar 2, 2016
  3. LokaMocha
    I like this! :)
    Mar 1, 2016