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The Fiddler's Melody: An Emerald Nuzlocke Ch. 6

by Master of Stratos

Master of Stratos Chapter 6: Aquatic Harassment 2: The Rise of Archie
Hmm? Oh, greetings, fans! You're early! Keep your voices down, it's early in the morning in the Pokemon Center and we're witnessing character development. I'll keep quiet for this part of the chapter.

We see McPaddigan and Shadow talking quietly on a couch. "That was....very brave of you, saving me during the fight with Brawley." admitted Shadow. "If it weren't for you, I'd be the first death in this game." "Eh, you'd probably do the same for me." said McPaddigan. "Not really." said Shadow, hanging his head.

"Why?" asked McPaddigan. "It's...a long story. Let's just say my jabs at Lotads and Lombres isn't just jibes at you." Shadow explained. "Come on, this is our character building moment; you can tell me!" insisted McPaddigan. "Fine. It all started during this game's chapter one. I was the second in command of a platoon of Tailows who vowed to guard the Petalburg Forest from intruders. Things went well until an army of rouge Lotads and Lombres attacked. They said they were working with something called Team Magma and wanted to capture Tailows for troops. They killed my platoon's leader and scarred by right eye. *sniff* I vowed vengeance ever since." Shadow said, tears streaming down his cheeks as he went on. "Aw..." McPaddigan comforts him and they pull away just as quickly. "But then you saved me and well, I still don't like Lotads or Lombres but... you've.. *mutters*" said Shadow.

"Eh?" asked McPaddigan. "You've earned my *mumbles*." "Come again?" "You've...earned my respect, okay?" McPaddigan gives a faint smile. "Thanks."

A few hours later, our team sets off into the Dewford Cave, fighting many Pokemon along the way. At the end of the tunnels was a small room lit with gems. They walk in to find a tall man with grey hair and wearing a rich man's clothes. He was studying some stones. "Ah, the mineral.. Has there ever been such more beauty?" he wondered.

"Other than the ability to talk to yourself without sounding like a crackpot?" asked Shadow. The man turned around and saw our heroes. "Hmm? Oh, hello there. Can I help you?" he asked. "Yeah, we're looking for a Mr. Steven?" Louis replied. "Right here!" said Steven the Zigzagoon.

"No, not you, Steven; the man Steven." explained Garnet. "That's me, you're looking at him." said the man. "It must be from my dad. *reads* Ah, you did well, good sir. As a reward, I'll give you this:." He hands him a steel-grey disk. "This contains Steel Wing; and by the looks of your Tailow, he could sure use it! In all seriousness, thank you for delivering this letter." "Sure thing." said Louis.

They all headed out and back to Devon Co. "Ah, thank you again for championing this task! The Devon Goods are your next task, but until then, take this as a token of my gratitude." said Mr. Stone. He hands him what looked like a braces-style headband. "That is the Experience Share; it'll give Experience to whomever holds it; roughly half of which one would get normally. Great for training younger Pokemon!"

With that out of the way, our heroes finally reach Slateport City via Mr. Briney. After about two hours of both exploring and fighting Trainers on the beach, we at long last get to aforementioned Devon Goods delivery. Captain Stern is supposedly in the local museum. They walk in, only to find Team Aqua waiting for them. "I told ya you ain't seen the last of us!" said one of the Grunts.

"You again?!" asked Shadow, exasperated. "How many times do we have to beat you up before you stay down?" "We're the rival Team, you CAN'T get rid of us until near the end of the game!" said another Grunt. And it looks like we got another double battle on our hands! In this corner, our two reigning champions in the ring: MCPAAADIGAAN AND GAARNEEET! And in this corner, the sharks that are more bite than bark and a bat too: CARVANHAS AND ZUUUBAAAT! *bell dings*

Ooh, and Garnet starts off strong with a Double Kick, and McPaddigan with an Absorb! This fells one Carvanha, but the other retaliates with a Water Gun! Just then, a new challenger hits the ring, a newcomer and literal heavyweight, HEAAAVYY! He hits with an Arm Thrust, KO'ing the next Carvanha, and Garnet finishes with an Ember to the Zubat! It's no surprise who won, folks, but this a spectacular game, nonetheless!

"Yipe! I'm outta here!" said one of the Grunts. "This so isn't worth full dental!" exclaimed the other Grunt. They scamper off, much to the dismay of a tall figure in the shadows. The figure walks into the light, revealing himself to be a tall, strong man with a shadowy beard, blue bandanna with a Team Aqua insignia, striped shirt and black jacket. Needless to say, combined with the jeans and black shoes, he looked like a damn handsome man.

"Thank you, but flattery will get you nowhere." said the man. "You, dear boy, will not interfere with our plans again!" he said, turning to Louis. "Okay..but who are you?" asked Louis. "Ah, yes. Must be new to this part of the game. I'm Archie, leader of Team Aqua. Our intent on expanding the sea." the man, who apparently was named Archie. "By stealing a Wingull from an Irish sailor?" asked Shadow.

"We needed his boat for-actually, no, you don't get our main motives now. You're too young and too early in the game to hear of our noble goal. But I warn you, cross us again and you will be costed dearly! Don't ever forget it!" Archie told them, storming off. "What's with that guy?" asked McPaddigan. "Nutty as fruitcake." said Heavy. They head deeper into the museum, meeting Captain Stern.

"Are..are they gone?" he asked. "Yep. We scared them off." Louis replied. "Oh, good. I tell you, that ruffian Archie is a crackpot! He kept talking about expanding the sea with my latest project! Anyway, what brings you here, dear boy?" Stern inquired. Louis hands him the Devon Goods. "Very good! So it's a go with...perfect! Thank you dear, boy!" said Captain Stern joyously.

Our heroes leave, wondering where the hell all this is taking them. "I gotta ask, what's with this game? The personalities here seem...bizarre." wondered McPaddigan. "Well, we are still in the third generation. Game Freak did have a few kinks to iron out with the system." said Louis. "I just hope Diamond and Pearl aren't as weird." said Shadow.

*To be Continued....*

Pokemon Roster So Far:

1. Garnet: Combusken. LV. 21
2. McPaddigan: Lombre. LV. 20
3. Steven: Zigzagoon. LV. 19
4. Shadow: Tailow. LV. 21
5. Heavy: Makuhita. LV. 17