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Mid-Evil Times: The End

by Sylve Kipper

Sylve Kipper
(I just want to end it off me and my friends played mid evil time with each other and the crew broke up and this is kinda how.)
Cebi- Guys we need to be careful.
Sylve- Why?
Navi- Ogres.
Cebi- Yeah.
Sylve- No there isn't.
Kat- I believe Navi and Cebi especially since this is a magic world.
Credulos- Yeah.
Sylve- Fine I'll leave you and if there are ogres you guys can't survive with a stick.
Kat- Well I got a katana and it goes in the eye!
Sylve- Kat! That is air!
Kat- Fine come on.
Sylve- Ok see ya.
(The team split up and after Sylve finds out there are ogres he kills ten and when he meets the team again he lets his guard down and is killed by an ogre.)
(Credulos being a normal villager without any weapons is killed by wolves and hunters when he goes to get wood for a fire for the team.)
(With Navi only having a map he runs from some robbers and trips them with the map but is pierced in the heart by a spear thrown by one of the robbers.)
(Cebi had a sword made for him but he took it too early and in a fight it just bent not being finished and was captured and tortured then he found out they killed his mom and dad and he was killed like them with his head cut off.)
(Surprisingly he was the last dead. He only ever had air. He was sent on an mission by Oak and with his light blue and purple suit he was caught and made helper but betrayed them and killed them all. He then changed it to be darker and lived to be a dad and great grandfather and recruited other kids and his son. The recruits of the team he killed had found him and killed him on the spot but his team of rookies avenged Kat and killed that team.)