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The bird of Prey

by FalChromiforme

FalChromiforme Random Poem I wrote. Yeah, this exists . . . And yes, I realize how long it is . . .
I was walking through the park
on a day most unspecific
when in the corner of my eye
I viewed a sight most horrific

A bird of prey, an owl let’s say
was murdering his most unfortunate prey
He then finished off his gruesome meal
And went off to find some other veal

to him what must have seemed a feast
was tragedy for a flock of geese

It was, though, quite an ethereal sight
to see the bird of prey in flight
what beauty, also quite a beast
was what threw me
from my blissful peace

reflecting on nature’s natural event
it was clear to me that it was always meant
for geese to be the eternal prey
of these clever owls
who get their way

to see nature
up quite close
gave me, rather, an overdose
of what cruel nature did to those
who did not find their own way
and found instead a bird of prey

Still watching the owl preen
Its elegant feathers
to keep them clean
I had a thought
An inkling suspicion
it was tantalizingly close
about that recent overdose

But it being beyond my reach
I walked over and grabbed a peach
from the tree that it sat on
the owl, so fine
If I was to go far, I might call it Divine

I looked at its eyes
That said beware
To any predator that would dare
to harm an animal quite so fine

But as I looked at the goose
that had become the prey
of this fair owl
in the cruelest way

I had a thought
I had seen this before
I thought with a sigh
though not as gory
But it showed the same story

About a solemn bird
Who lost his way
And had to pay
After angering a bird of prey

An idea struck me
again, once more
about the owl
and a memory
a wistful thought

That idea, that thought
about what human actions wrought
is about human perfection
we are naturally unclean
However perfect we think we are
alluring, angelic
if you wish to go far
we have sinned
we all have scars

Scars of misery, scars of sin
even if we think we’ll always win

but unlike the owl
we have thought
unlike the owl
we can feel
and the consequences of our actions
they are real

As I ate my peach
and felt the spring breeze
I felt very satisfied, and very pleased
Then I felt something
Swoop down on the breeze

The owl!
He wished to be friends
that delight I gave him
and We were true friends
and such a friendship never ends

But in conclusion
to those full of pride
Though you really shouldn’t run and hide
and also give heed
you full of greed
to choose your words carefully

or you may become
Like the solemn bird
Who lost his way
and had to pay
after angering a bird of prey
Azur likes this.
  1. Azur
    Ooh, insightful and beautiful. Such a nice long poem!
    Feb 3, 2015