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Pokemon ORAS 2: Regigigas is Awoken: The Beginnings in Root City Part 2

by JC111414

JC111414 Uriel just traveled to Hoenn, an imporved version since Brendan went through it 5 years ago. Wacth as Uriel struggles to learn more on this new region.
"Where are we" I asked Mom and Dad. "We're here" Mom said when the plane stopped. I saw the huge airport then I saw Littleroot Town, or more like a massive City. "This is Root City, it took 5 years to fix, you may know son" said Dad. We went to the Birch Labs, a massive Sky-tall tower. I went on to the highest floor and Mom and Dad where down there signing papers. I went on and saw the professor. "Hey!" I yelled. "Hey there you must be Uriel" Prof Birch said. "Yes, I want my starter pokemon" I told him. "Sure" he said
Then Birch sent out all starters. Meditite, Electrike, and Cacnea were sent out. "Choose one" said Birch. "Hmm..." I took a while to process each type. "I know, here take this too" Birch said giving me a pokedex. "Hmm..." I scanned each pokemon in the pokedex and then choose Meditite. "Thanks" I told him and started to leave. "WAIT!" Birch yelled. "Lets Battle" Birch said. "What, you want to" I asked. "Sure, I want to know how you go on your journey. "Ok, Go Meditite" I said. "Go, Poochyena" Birch said. "Meditite use Confusion" but it did nothing. "Poochyena, use Bite" Birch said and that took down my Meditite. "How?" I said. "Poochyena is dark and is not affected by Psychic" Birch said. "I have a lot to learn then" I said. "Yeah, good luck on your journey" Birch said. And then I left for the New Hoenn Region to uncover many mysteries...